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Why you visit Bhutan

edited January 2015 in India and Asia
Bhutan is a small land locked Himalayan country located in between India and China. Bhutan have one of the most unique cultures and traditions and culture. And we do have pristine environment. More than 70% of our country is covered with forest. So we are rich in flora and Fauna. 
Bhutan which is only about 4800 sq. km but you will amazed looking by wide ranges of the altitude. The southern Bhutan is just about 200m from sea level which is the continuation of Indian plans, and in the north it is 7000+m from sea level. So which gives a wide range of treks if you all are interested in doing treks in Himalayas. And you will also find one of the most difficult trek of World that is Snowman Trek I and Snowman Trek II.

And even our development philosophy is not different from other countries. All the countries measure their economic growth with Gross National Product but our country measure against Gross National Happiness.

So if worth visiting Bhutan, in your life time and if you need any other information please do let me us know. 


  • Iam willing to visit Bhutan as we know that Bhutan has rich culture & traditions, Iam really big fan of Tradition & cultures, I also respect everyone's traditions & cultures. Can anybody list me the Places which has some historical importance. Also suggest that which is the best season to visit Bhutan or which is thing which are avoidable.
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