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Visa Denied in South Korea

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I am a cameroonian living and working in Thailand.I obtained a Korean visa from the korean embassy in Thailand last December 4. I Travelled to Korea on he 28 of December, but the immigration at Busan refused me entry,and sent me back to Thailand.They claim i did not answer asked questions well.A VOID was stamped on my visa.My question now is what does this mean?.DOES it mean i have been barned from entrying Korea?.Can i still apply for another visa now?if not when again can i return to Korea?. Please help me out.


  • No one here knows why you were denied entry into Korea. No one can guess if reapplying for another Visa will work. Obviously no one can guess when you can return to Korea either.

    You need to go back to the Korean Embassy and ask them to investigate why you were denied entry on the Visa they issued to you.

    Good luck.

  • Terry is right Kizito, it is really impossible for us to know exactly why you were refused. All over the world, border control are entitled to deny entry to travellers with valid visas if they are unconvinced that the visitor will be leaving the country. When you travel you should always take along proof that you will be returning to your own country - having a return ticket helps but it is also great if you can show that you have a job to return to. Most countries also require proof of sufficient funds for your trip. These are common reasons for refusal at the border, but as I said I can't know why exactly you were turned away, nor whether you can try again. 
  • Thanks Ella and Terry i contacted the embassy they gave me a number to call the immigration ,but it has never gone through since then.They said they can't tell why i was sen away.It is only the immigration that can tell.If i had the immigration website it would have been helpful,since i can write to them
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    Kizito, here is the website for the Korean immigration service. It has a question and answer section and addresses. I suggest you give it a try

    I think you may have been the victim of descrimination as South Korea has reacted badly to the Ebola outbreak and Africans have been targetted, by refusal of entry to the country and racism against those Africans already living in South Korea. For example Africans who were to attend conferences have had their invitations cancelled.

    South Korea has very tough immigration policies and if you were refused entry because of the Ebola epidemic you will probably not be granted a visa until its all clear.
  • Gosh, Alethia is right. I had forgotten about Ebola. Hopefully you can get an honest and useful answer from them! 
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