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Swiss Schengen visa for full time student in the UK


I am planning a trip to Switzerland in April 2015 along with my brother and his wife. I am a British citizen so do not need any visa. However, both my brother and his wife hold Indian passports and I have a few questions related to their Schengen visa application for Switzerland. Response will be highly appreciated.

My brother is studying full time MBA in the UK and on a tier 4 student visa. His wife holds a dependent visa on him and not employed. I understand the visa application requires proof of funds and last 3 months bank statements to show the credibility. But I am paying for the entire trip including travel and accommodation. The flight tickets and hotels have been booked and all the reservations show my name along with them which proves I am travelling with them. Do they still need to show proof of funds?

However, in this case, I believe I need to provide some documents to prove I am paying for the trip and show my credibility. Could you please suggest which documents would suffice? The ones coming to my mind are

1. Copy of my British passport
2. My last 3 months bank statement and showing enough balance
3. A letter stating I am travelling with them and paying for the trip

Do you suggest anything else? I am a bit hesitant their visa application may get rejected and any suggestion on how to make the application successful will be a great help.



  • Please look at the Schengen visa application form questions 35 , 36 and 43 These are very pertinent questions and must be clearly answered with supporting documentary evidence.
    Your relatives must have travel insurance 
  • Hi Alethia,

    This answer brings me to a question. The Swedish embassy doesn't ask British spouses to show their travel insurance although the form asks if you have got one. And I have got one through my husband's work in an insurance company.

    Do you think I would need to show my travel insurance or it doesn't matter since I am a spouse of a British citizen?

    Thanks in anticipation.
  • I assume you are not British, so on the application form you need to mention you have the insurance cover
    via your husbands employer.
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