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Schengen visa Question

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Dear all,

I need a suggestion, please note I have had 2 schengen visa in the past one 4 months ago issued by Czech Republic and one issued by France in 2011.

I happened to apply for another again to visit Sweden where I have been during my previous Visa's however my application got rejected yesterday mentioning that they are not certain If i will leave the schengen zone on time and all the lame excuses even though my documents were top notch all in line.

Now I know I should not appeal as it will not help, I am thinking to apply again through German embassy coming week.

Do you guys think its a good idea? and if the visa is issued can I use it to enter Sweden directly instead of Germany? any one tried that before? 

Much Appreciated.




  • There is no reason why you can't apply for a Schengen visa from Germany and use it to visit Sweden. A Schengen visa once issued allows you to travel to all Schengen states.

  • Thank you so much for your answer Alethia! Appreciate that.

    There should be no problem right if i arrive in sweden on visa issued by Germany? Have you experienced that or anyone you know who did same?

    Well this is my first visa rejection lol no idea never had problem before with Schengen guess Scandinavian countries are strict or something.

    I hope my last rejection will not result and influence for another rejection? Shouldn't be a problem right? I am sorry for troublin just confused at the moment.

    Cheers. :)
  • I mean my first point of entry will be sweden no germany.
  • "... There should be no problem right if i arrive in sweden on visa issued by Germany?..."

    Althia answered that in her reply above.

  • You can enter Sweden with a Schengen visa issued in Germany. Just because one country rejects you does not mean another Schengen country will reject you, unless you have a criminal record.
  • Perfect thanks a lot for your asnwer.... appreciated.
  • hi,
    i am going to visit Hungary to meet my parents. however i would be taking a stopover at paris, france for a short holiday. i have already applied for a schengen visa and they have issued me a C type visa. however the problem is that number of entries given is only 1. now my question is with this type of visa can i now travel both France and Hungary and other countries such as Austria, Czech republic or do i have to go for reissue of VISA.
  • Hi @abhijit04in,
    That single entry visa allows you a single entry to the Schengen zone, including all countries in that zone. You will be absolutely fine travelling between France, Hungary and Austria, and any other Schengen country in the same holiday so long as you never depart the Schengen zone and then try and return to it.
  • There is such a thing called LTV schengen visa(limited territorial validity schengen visa) which states that this particular visa is only valid in a country which name is stamped on the top right of the visa(I saw this kind of visa) and not valid in all schengen countries. However, since there are no passport control between schengen countries(maybe just a random one), someone who holds this visa, once entering the country the visa is valid for, can move around anywhere in the 23 schengen countries without being caught. This is the trick of many Russians and Ukrainians who can easily get LTV schengen visa for Lithuania then move to other schengen countries even if their LTV visa only states they can only stay in Lithuania.
  • Please I want to know why my passport was given back to me after I applied for a schengen visa thru Czech republic embassy here in mexico city. I thought that if you are going to given or denied visa, at least the need to hold on to your passport till the duration of the process. In my case i submitted all the documents required which is for a short stay, they also interviewed me ........and after all said and done they stamped my passport with a red ink saying "visa applied " with date and gave me back my passport. please do you understand this?
  • @Adaphy sounds odd, did you not think to ask why at the Embassy? Sonds like your refused, did they not give you a letter or any paperwork? If not go back and ask.
  • good day
    I got my visitors visa appli. rejected by germany embassy saying "Your intention to leave the territory of the Member States before the expiry of the Visa could not be ascertained".
    that my GF need more info to say that she will go back to the philippine
    what can we say from this to help us to get the visa appove
  • @bruce67 I can not understand your question
  • thanks for the early reply Ale, I wasn't given any paper work, rather I was interviewed right there based on all i submitted. I was only asked to write down my phone number & e-mail address and then said i will be contacted in due course on or before this friday . also he specifically said that my docs will be sent via DHL to their country to check on my status. to be honest , when they gave me back my passport after the stamping , i thought i wae rejected but he gave me nothing at all
  • You need to contact either the visa centre or the embassy where you submitted the application and ask about the staus of your visa.
  • OK... thanks so much , your answers has been very helpful ..finally I have an appointment with the French embassy in 3 days for a transit visa . I hope this wouldn't affect me? i mean with the stamp on my passport(visa applied)....
    Please what & what do I need to go with for a transit visa?

  • You need the same documents for a transit visa as for a schengen visit visa. Particularly your travel plans.
  • OK... muchisima gracias like we say here. I have asked the Czech embassy about my visa status and they said that they were still waiting expecting info from the czech police, am guessing they run these things before issuing visas. Well am not afraid and now i will wait
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    We have been planning to go in Germany for 2 weeks, my older sister who already a Deutsche citizen want us to visit her. They already sent an invitation letter to the embassy and willing to shoulder all expenses. I was a bit worried in the interview. . We already have proof of employment and proof that im her younger sister. Is there any chance to get a Schengen Visa? and how much do we need in bank?
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    Like almost all questions regarding Visas on this forum you fail to give the single most important piece of information: Your nationality.

    In fact you don't even make it clear who is making the trip besides yourself. Who is "us" and "we?"

    That said, your documentation sounds weak to me. Having a family member willing to pay all expenses is one thing, but you must show proof that will convince the Schengen official that you (and whoever else) will indeed return home.

    Good luck.

  • @Blessedycul
    Firstly,your elder sister in Germany will need to go to her German local city hall to certify proof of sponsorship and private accommodation.also a copy of her citizenship,proof of her employment,payslip,statement of account ( because she is your sponsor.)copy of paid bills and her birth certificate ( to proof she is your sister).
    You (younger sister),what do you do for living?if employ
    Things you(younger sister)need to provide also:
    Proof of employment,payslip,statement of account,leave approval letter,flight reservation,marriage certificate(if married),birth certificate ( to proof she is your sister),letter from husband(conscent letter) & any other document or letter to proof ties or responsibility.
    Do not bother much about the fund
  • @Alethia (the special one)please throw more light on this.thanks in advance.
  • @larryblank
    You dont need me your reply is spot on. Terry is correct they do need to show they will return home and the ties to their country
  • I'm still confused if it's just the younger sister going to visit or if there's another family member involved too...

  • edited March 2016
    Sorry for the confusion, Me and my sister Kia are going to visit our older sister in Germany

    My sister already received her visa yesterday, and I still haven't received mine, i'ts been a week since the interview. We're both employed and pass the same requirements, interviewed by the same consul. But different civil status, she's already married and Im single. Is this the reason why my application still ongoing?
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