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Bahrain Working Visa

edited January 2015 in Middle East
I have already signed an offer from Company A in Bahrain one month back and they
have told the visa is ready and all they want is to give the air
tickets....when i checked the LMRA website with my passport details, i
found that it was true. Later i signed an offer with Company B in Bahrain since the
tickets were not issued till date by Company A and Company B told that
they would apply for my visa. I am still in India, my question is that
will there be any issues regarding the matter and will the Company B
able to issue a visa since my application for visa is already done by
Company A ?

Kindly reply asap



  • Firstly I would have checked with company A when the airtickets would be sent. , One month is a very short time to process the the visa and I assume you had agreed a start date with company A. 
    Have you informed Company B that you already have a work permit with another company? Your visa with company B may take much longer as the first visa will be cancelled and a new visa issued.

    Company A could also come after you for any expenses they incurred. Your impatience maybe your undoing.
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