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can i go to maldives by my visa shengen with just one enter to france

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hello, am moroccan live in morocco and i get visa one enter to france and i would like to visit maldives from france so i can or its difficult and i should return to morocco then to maldives thanks


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    You can fly directly from France to the Maldives as Moroccan citizens are granted 30 days upon arrival in the Maldives
  • * thanks but the prb somone tells me that i cannot return to france because i get visa one enter. but me i want go to france maldives and return to france till my visa shengen. finish and thanks alot
  • A single entry Schengen visa allows you to enter a Schengen country for a certain period of time. Once you leave that Schengen country the visa expires even if there is time still left on the visa.

    So if you leave France to go to the Maldives you cannot return to France.
  • thanks i want to know how can i renew my single entry for example can i go to embassy and requist multiple enter or impossible???
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    You need to apply for a multiple entry visa from Morroco

  • thanks alot but if  u know what i need to aplly for?/and if i should pay for that or not??
  • I just answered you and of course you need to pay for a visa

    You need to apply for a multiple entry visa from Morroco
  • thank you
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