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Do I need wait 3mnths after divorce final in Australia to remarry in Tunisia?

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Hi ... just a few queries... hoping someone may be able to help me clarify a few things - Ive read some conflicting info, but it could possibly be that Ive read some reasonably old forum posts and perhaps things have changed since? - unsure ... any help is very much appreciated...

If my divorce is considered final in Australia can I remarry in Tunisia or am I required to wait a further 3 months from this date?

Does my birth certificate need to be issued within 3 weeks or 3 months?

CONI - can I get this in Australia before leaving or does it need to be issued there from Canadian embassy? (I think they assist Australian citizen)

Any recommendations for translator service would also be appreciated - Thanks in advance :-)


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    The three months you refer to after divorce DOES NOT apply to foreign women who marry in Tunisia .

    Your birth certificate should be issued 21 days before the marriage.

    In Australia the CONI is called a Single Status Certificate and you apply at the Registry Office for Birth Deaths and Marriages in your town. As I do not know where you live in Australia I have provided the New South Wales, Single Status Certificate to give you an idea of the procedure.

    Finding a translator in Tunisia is very easy and your fiance should be able to find one locally without a problem.
    Hope that helps, all the best
  • Thanks Alethia for your response :-)

    Does the 3 months apply if my fiancé is Algerian ?

  • The three months is a traditional Muslim waiting period for Tunisan women who are divorced or whose husband has died and is known as Iddah.
    I repeat, this three month waiting period is not required for non Tunisian women no matter who they marry.
  • Thank You again - I appreciate your time to respond :-)
  • I keep reading so many different answers for the divorce waiting period. Its really driving me crazy to be honest. I have been seperate from my ex for a long long time. I read that you must wait 3 months no matter what..then i read you dont have to wait lol so maybe have your fiance call to confirm and get the information needed. I wish Tunisia had better government websites about legal matters. My Tunisia friends also are confused about the answer to this.
  • Alethia do you reside in Tunisia? I'm only asking because I would like to know where your information comes from...sorry I'm not saying you're wrong..I only ask because i have been looking all over the internet for information
  • @Adrienne_Nowa
    I do not live in Tunisia but travel regularly and as a lawyer I have advised and assisted muerous people who want to marry in Tunisia and then join their partners in Europe. Consequently I must stay up to date with all aspects of that work.

    Sometimes in Tunisia things differ from place to place. Rules are not always strictly adhered too as they are in the UK or other European countries and that causes difficulties. Often a little "baksheesh" can help to move things along.

    When I read your post, I see you are not yet divorced so until you are divorced marriage in Tunisia is not worth worrying about
  • That's a little stab at my personal life. Not so nice. I was just merely asking a question. You HAVE no clue what's going on in my divorce or if I am divorced yet or not. Frankly its not your buisness what i worry about or not.
  • @Adrienne_Nowa
    I am at a loss to understand your comments I certainly did not intend to " stab at your personal life" You wrote in your post of 2.55pm " I have been seperate from my ex for a long long time."
    In legal terms seperate means just that you are seperated not divorced. so I assumed you were not divorced. No malice intended
  • Adrienne - in fact you should divorce as soon as you can because your Tunisian fiance cannot marry you until you have been divorced for 3 months and 1 day exactly! Sorry to disagree Alethia but it doesn't matter whether or not the intended spouse is Muslim or not. These are the rules here (but as you rightly say - all know rules can be got around if you know someone who knows someone).

    You won't find up to date information on the internet. Sometimes the information is out of date by years! If you want the final final answer you could contact the Tunisian embassy if they pick up the phone that is. And yes, I live here
  • @Lesley thank you for the information and understanding of my inquiry.
  • @Alethia i was only trying to find out info on when it's possible to marry not a personal opinion since you do not know details of my life. That's why i made that last comment.
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