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Schengen visa Suggestion

Hi All,

I am in a bit of confused situation, I have been to Schengen territory twice before and last I was there 4 months ago when I got the visa through Czech Republic and before that through France. Now last month I applied again through Swedish embassy with all my documents in line however It was refused as they mentioned "My intention to leave territory could not be certained" even though I had submitted all the emplyment documents and confirmed return ticket.

Nevertheless I appealed but still decision was not changed, now my question is that I postponed my holiday by 4 weeks and I am thinking to apply again through Czech Republic as they did give me visa 4 months ago will that be easy to get visa from them again or the refusal i got from Swedish have ruined everything?

I am a Pakistani national working in Dubai and I have a good history of Travel around in Europe, Australia, Asia Etc.

will appreciate your help.


  • My understanding is that, since you have entered Schengen legally with a valid visa, you may continue to stay in Schengen; and because there are no border controls within Schengen, you may also continue to travel within Schengen. You will definitely want to carry your passport, visa and police report copies though, just in case you're stopped by police etc. And you'll probably want to double-check this advice with eg. the embassy of the country you plan to visit, since I'm having a hard time finding a definitive source for this.

    You'll definitely be able to leave Schengen normally, since your visa details for the old passport will be on file, although you should allow some extra time at the airport for checking. However, after you leave, you will not be able to come back unless you get your visa reissued, and you will apparently be charged the full new visa fee for this. Since you only have a month left and apparently have no plans to travel outside Schengen, this is most likely not worth it.
  • Edward, you misunderstand the Original Post. They don't have a Schengen Visa, they are trying to acquire one.

  • Omermalik, some countries require more information as to your ties to your home country or country of residence. This is how those issueing the Schengen visas ascertain you will leave their country.
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    Yeah i understand that Alethia... Thanks for your answer i guess i will try through Czech Republic again and there is change in my circumstances as well cause now my mother will be coming to Dubai and live with me for 3 months and her visa says that i am her sponsor so basically she will be dependent on me that will increase my ties to country of my residence right? And they have issed one few months ago let's see i hope it works out this time
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    Another thing should i explain about my recent refusal in a written letter when i submit my new application with another embassy or just let it be ?
  • Never ever give up information that is not asked for, especially something that is a huge negative! You don't want to immediately poison the water by giving the new official in charge of your new application doubts. If someone else denied you a Visa then why shouldn't he/she play it safe and deny you too?

    Good luck.

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    Thanks Terry you are right... I agree but what i heard was that schengen countries share information and they have a system called SIS if i am not mistaken wouldn't my name or passport no. Pop up there they'll know anyways so shouldn't i explain beforehand?


  • Whether they share that info or not is immaterial in my opinion. I just can't imagine volunteering negative information to a bureaucrat that can only hurt your application.

    If they ask then by all means avalanche them with explanations/justifications for the other refusal... otherwise... I don't understand what the upside would be.

    That said, I'm only guessing here. I'm no lawyer or expert on the Schengen process.

    Hopefully Alethia will comment.

    Good luck.

  • Nowhere on the Schengen visa application form does it ask if you have ever been refused a Schengen visa. It simply asks if you have had you fingerprints collected for the purpose of applying for a previous visa. Fill the form in and thats it.

    I am with Terry ,never give information that is not requested. Simply answer the questions no more no less.

    SIS is interested in preserving the internal security of the Schengen states, not your visa refusal
    The Schengen Information System (SIS) is a highly efficient large-scale information system that supports external border control and law enforcement cooperation in the Schengen States. The SIS enables competent authorities, such as police and border guards, to enter and consult alerts on certain categories of wanted or missing persons and objects. An SIS alert not only contains information about a particular person or object but also clear instructions on what to do when the person or object has been found.

    Are you on the "most wanted list" omermalik ?? LOL
  • Haha i guess i am not! Lol but thanks a lot for the detailed answer will just answer what they ask on the form nothing more or less..... will update you guys once i drop my application oj coming Tuesday :)


  • Best of luck, Omer. Please let us know how you do.

  • Well Submitted my applications 2 days ago at the Czech Embassy and it went quite smooth.... They didn't even ask for my finger prints which makes sense as I was in Czech Republic 4 months ago... In fact the lady over there was telling me about places in Prague! lol Anyways I did'nt say anything about Swedish refusal which happened last month and she didn't mention anything either even though she did went in to check some stuff from their system along with my passport.

    Nevertheless I am hopeful it'll work out and even if it doesn't I don't care haha! will keep you folks posted! ;)

  • Good luck!
  • Good luck from me and keep us up to date
  • Hey there all!

    Thought I'll update you guys it's been lol 15 days already and still under process let's see I have to travel next week, looks like Czech is going to make me happy one more time, Well I hope so! will update once I hear anything from them.


  • I applied for holland visa via France embassy.we where actually going for a trade show and we applied for business visa because we been sent by our company,but the application was been deny.consular said YOUR INTENTION TO LEAVE THE TERRITORY OF THE MEMBER STATES BEFORE THE EXPIRY OF YOUR VISA COULD NOT BE ASCERTAINED.
    I thought business visa do not need much proof of strong ties with country or strong family ties.
    The funny part of it is that France vfs do no longer accept title deeds,etc .
    My application along side my partner was lodge together on same day as one application on 13 of january 2015.
    Please need your advice.

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    Please see my reply to your other post
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    Finally Yesterday got a called from the Embassy and they asked me to come to the Embassy on coming week along with my original Credit Card as I submitted copy only..... I did'nt really get this I mean out of all the documents I submitted they want to see the orginal CC, Nevertheless It looks good as if they wanted to refuse they wouldn't call me in and and ask to bring original Credit Card.... lets see I will find out on Sunday! :)
  • Thanks for the update omermalik, fingers crossed.
  • Hello Guys!

    Finally i got my visa approved today.... haha! Guess I am going now!

    Just one more question not sure about one thing, my flight is actually on 19th Feb and I will arrive in Czech Republic around 23:30 whereas my visa starts from 20th Feb so do you think I can board the flight? it will be basically 20th Feb half an hour after I land ? have anyone tried like this before ?


  • Technically they could refuse to let you on the flight but your not actually in the Czech Republic until you go through border control. By the time your flight has landed and you collect your bags it could be after midnight and therefore the 20th Feb and your visa becomes valid.
  • Thanks for your answer Alethia. Actually yeah that's what i thought and i spoke to the airlines officials and they said they might not let me board from Dubai itself and it's better not to take such risk so never mind I'm gonna fly on 20th itself now no worries! Guess it's time to close my query out here but again thanks a lot for great information and valuable advice through out! Appreciated!

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    Maybe for others who need information about czech visas and permits.
    Look here: = It is page of Ministry of Interior in the Czech Republic, there you can find all information about permanent residence, etc..
    or try this blog infocizinci = it is written by russian girl who moved to the Czech Republic, there are also useful information.

    Cheers Pavla
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