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Acceptance of Temporary Belgian Passport in Japan, UK and Canada

Hi all

My partner and I will be travelling from NZ on a trip to Japan, the UK and Canada in April this year. My partner has a Belgian passport which will expire very soon - February - so we are exploring the possible option of her applying for a Belgian '12 month temporary passport' given the expected turn-around time for a new 'full passport'.

My only concern with this option is that I've read some countries have issues accepting temporary passports.

Unfortunately I have been unable to find any information specific to the acceptance of a Belgian temporary passport in Japan, the UK or Canada.

Does anyone know if the temporary passport would be a viable option in this situation?

Many thanks



  • The temporary passport is only issued under exceptional circumstances. The fact that you didn't apply for a real passport in due time is NOT considered an exceptional circumstance.

    Even if you were granted the temporary passport there's no way anyone could guarantee its acceptance in foreign countries. Many places (like the US, for example) won't accept it, period.

    To travel you need a real passport. End of story.

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    The temporary passport is a ridiculous idea for the reasons Terry has given. Also temporary passports are valid for 6 months not a year. and are only issued for emergencies.

    Your partner has plenty of time to apply for a new passport, these are the options.

    According to the Belgian passport department it takes five working days to issue a standard seven year passport after the application is received. The old passpport does not have to be completely expired before you apply for a new passport.

    Passports issued by an Embassy take approximately ten working days to issue. You can ask for special delivery or personal collection of the passport. Have you even spoken to the Belgian Consulate in New Zealand? There are three Belgian consular offices in New Zealand.

    Another option is this, an emergency procedure is also in place so that for an extra fee a passport maybe issued at the municipality or province one day after reciept of the application provided the application is faxed by the receiving office by 3pm the day the passport form is submitted. If you give permission in writing, someone else in Belgium they may collect the passport for you and courier the passport to you.
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