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Entry on Canadian Passport cos Sa Passport expired

My SA passport expired the day I arrived to SA - they did not want to recognize my dual citizenship status and stamped in into SA on my CAnadian passport for 90 days. The officer told me to get my sa passport renewed and I can leave SA at a later stage on my SA passport ( without needing to use my Canadian passport) - home affairs calls this advise bullshit and told me I entered SA illegally and that I need to leave before the 90 days is over ! Regardless they renewed my SA passport ( rolling my eyes here) - my questions :
1. When you enter SA on your foreign passport do they capture your details electronically ?
2. If I leave on SA passport and return again many years later on Canadian ( assuming something happened to SA passport ) - will they know I never stamped out of SA now when I leave?
3. Can we go to boarder control in the airport to get this sorted out without flying out cos home affairs is of no help ?

Help please !!!!


  • You do not say how long you have been in South Africa. If you have stayed more than 90 days and you entered on your Canadian passport then you are an overstayer and you do need to try to sort it out.
    However if you have not overstayed simply leave on your Canadian passport
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