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Safety in Venezuela

Hi the forum,
I am interested in opinions on safety in Venezuela for travellers? I have turned up a lot of info about crime in Caracas, which is apparently dire, but although I will have to at least travel through the capital I'm mostly interested in the national parks (Angel Falls) and Margarita Island. Can anybody give me some guidance on this? Are there any regions which should be avoided?


  • Hi Mike,
    I have never been to Venezuela myself, but from what I have heard crime in Caracas is indeed pretty dire. You particularly need to avoid protests and marches which frequently get violent. Margarita Island is a popular resort area and much more tourist-friendly so you should have less problems there; however, it does seem that the place is plagued by lots of petty crime - bag snatching, pick pocketting etc. Don't leave stuff unattended on the beaches and don't display valuables. All the usual precautions. Things are a bit better in rural regions, but crime is generally a problem in Venezuela. Check out the UK government's Safety in Venezuela page, and on a lighter note, have a look at this Venezuela Travel Guide for some basic info.
  • Oh and if you do go, please pop back onto the forum to let us know how the trip was and a bit about safety in Venezuela! Good luck.
  • Thanks Ella!
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