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Safety in Ethiopia

My husband is off on a business trip to Ethiopia soon, and he will be travelling all over the country. I have heard mixed reports about safety in Ethiopia and I'm hoping somebody can offer advice on how dangerous this kind of trip will actually be? He insists I shouldn't worry but I at least want to make sure he knows if there are places he should avoid or things he should avoid doing or whatever. All info welcome!


  • Khalan, whenever I travel I checkout what the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office has to say as they are on the ground and have up to date news.
  • Thanks for that Alethia. I have looked at these sorts of sites and they are very useful, but they always come off sounding kinda alarmist just because they have to be so cautious about all the warnings etc. I was hoping somebody with personal experience of Ethiopia might be able to tell me a bit about the safety situation. I'm a South African and I know that the 'official' warnings about South Africa can be a bit misleading, if you see what I mean. But I will read through this thoroughly!
  • "these sites" as you called the Foreign and Commonwealth site is there for the protection and information of British citizens and has stood me well. I have lived and worked in Africa and while you might think official warnings are misleading they are often right on the money. Even top sites such as Lonely Planet post the FCO warnings.
    As you dont like official sites and no one is rushing forward to assist you maybe you can check out virtual tourist
  • Thanks again Alethia, I'll check that out. I mean no disrespect to the official sites - as I said I use them myself - I just meant that I am keen to supplement the official alerts with on-the-ground info of a more personal nature. That's why I posted the question on this travel forum.
  • The link you just referred me to is great! Exactly the kind of thing I wanted.
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