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Why travel to Ukraine | Best sights and attractions

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I will be happy if administrator if Word Travels creates it.

There are lot of sights and attractions to see with more than 1000 years old history.
There are 14 objects of UNESCO World Heritage in Ukraine and some of them are very popular to visit - "Wooden Tserkvas of the Carpathian Region" and "Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians".

We invite you to travel to Ukraine and visit Tunnel of Love, Chernobyl Zone, unique museum of Museum of Strategic
Missile Forces, Karst Bridge Track, Mother Motherland Monument and make "Rodina Mine Tour" to go as deep as depth of 1345 meters.

Pavel Korsun, Ukraine travel guide


  • Ukraine is presently a very volatile and dangerous place , hardly somewhere people would think of going in holiday. I have people nearly everday calling my office, asking how they can bring their Ukrainuian relatives to safety.
    By the way your tours sound like something from the Communist USSR era.
  • Alethia please do not post wrong information. Ukraine is not dangerous place! We are tired of this information. Even at EURO 2012 all EU and USA media said that you can be robbed and killed at Ukraine streats, it's complete LIE. Every day we see international tourist walking around Kiev city center and they are not wearing armor for safety or hire bodyguards. Of couse we got dangerous area like Lugansk and Donetsk oblast (where I'm actually from), but rest of Ukraine is safe.

    Now we got a lot of active and progressive young people who build new era of Ukraine, who actually create a lot of interesting tours around Ukraine, and we got a lot what we can show.

    So don't follow media. Come and see!

  • @MyroslavKiev
    You have replied to a post that is over two years old. Situations can change in two years
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