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Marriage to Tunisian

edited February 2015 in - Tunisia
hi i am just looking for some advice ......i was married to a tunisian .....can i get remarried a tunisian


  • "... and he told me that the police made him divorce me..."

    Well, I thought I had heard everything...

    Good luck.

  • edited February 2015
    No need to be sorry. It was just an observation that now makes no sense whatsoever because you edited your Original Post!

  • Laura1983 if you are legally divorced from your first Tunisian then you can marry another Tunisian, or any one else for that matter
  • In her Original Post her husband ended up in jail and the police inside the prison forced him to divorce her against his will and she was wondering if that could be a true story. I don't know why she completely edited the Original Post.

  • Laura - are you crazy?? Why would you want to marry another Tunisian given the history. There is no way he could divorce you against his will. Did you receive dox, did you agree? I don't believe this story for one minute and if you are wanting to marry another Tunisian then you should head for the nearest psych. office!! Oh I live here and I'm married to a Tunisian and yes I'm crazy!!
  • Thanks for enlightening us Terry, I did not see the original post . Seems some people never learn.
  • hello , im tunisien an my future wife is latvian lives in the UK, we are planing to get marry soon , i bin contacting the Tunisien authorities where we will get marry and they request ;

    - birth certificate

    - divorce certificate

    -certificate of no impediment for my wife

    my future wife going to get them from the Latvian embassy UK as she lives there.
    my question is , when them documents are coming from an embassy are they acceptable in Tunisie or they hv to be certified from the ministry of foreign affair in latvia ,
    plz we need help as soon as possible as the time runinig out from us
    thank you for help .
  • Please do not panic these are very easy documents to obtain. Your fiancées birth certificate must be issued within 21 days of your marriage and this does not come from the Latvian Embassy but from the birth register office in Latvia. She should have her divorce certificate with her if not this must come from the government office in Latvia. The certificate of no impediment is from the latvian Embassy in Uk.

    Translate these documents in Tunisia do your blood tests and then you can marry.
  • hello thank you for your reply , the deffuculties not in obtaining these documents but , they can give them in latvian embassy as she lives in the UK , coz how come she can travel from UK to latvia and afetr to tunisie within 21 days ??
    its really confused ??? and if the documents from embassy are useless why they issue them there then ??
  • 123 - where is the confusion?? If as you say they can get her documents from her embassy in the UK why does she need to go to Latvia. I'm confused!!
  • 123. The birth certificate and divorce certificate come from Latvia NOT the Latvian embassy
  • the latvian embassy can request the documents from the minisitry of foreign affair in latvia thats what they said to her !!
  • Ok so whats the problem?
  • the problem is , when getting them docement do i need to take them to ministry of foreign affair in TUNISIE to legalise them for use in this country as they are ( the documents ) coming from abroad or the town hall will accept them !!!
  • No you do not need to legalise them, simply have them translated . A Tunisian notary can do this.
  • thank you so much Alethia , i appreciate your help , just one more question an i'm done , they ( the latvian embassy ) asked her if she want them legalised from the ministry of foreign affair in latvia , do the documents need that legalisation to be accepted from the notary or the notary accept them from the embassy as the embassy is in the uk not in tunisie , because i asked lots of notarios an they say we didn't experience when the embassy not in tunisie !! thank you
  • To be sure I would have the documents legalised by the ministry Latvia. Then the Tunisian notary knows for sure they are legal and original documents.
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