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Indian passport holder in London. Want to visit Paris / France

Hi !! Unfortunately i did not have enough time to apply for a Schengen visa in India before I left for UK. Can i apply for it in london ? What is the process ? What documents do i need and how long will it take please ?
Thank you


  • It depends on the type of visa you hold as to whether you can apply from the UK or not.
  • Can i apply visit visa for France or any of European country from UK? OR which nearby country can give me visa on entry? i am holder of 10 Years multiple UK visitor visa (visa valid up till 2018) on my Pakistani passport. This is my third time travel to UK and intending to visit France and around! looking forward to your advice. Thanks
  • @SMA
    Unfortunately the French Embassy DO NOT accept Schengen visa applicatiions from non residents.
    A ten year multiple entry visa only allows you to visit the UK for a maximum of six months it does not mean you are a resident.

    No European countries grant Pakistan citizens visas on entry. The UK is not a member of the Schengen zone and therefore your UK visa does not give you any special concession.

  • Thanks Alethia for such a detailed reply.
    can i apply to visit to Turkey or any Non Schengen nearby country (like Morocco, Croatia etc) while I m in UK.
  • @SMA
    I see no reason why you cannot apply to these countries from these UK.

    For Turkey you look on line here
    the visa fee is US $60 this site will assist you.

    For Morrocco read here

    All the best
  • Great:)
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