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i want to come back to uk

hi everyone, can anyone who has knowledge about my case answer me pls.i am a filipino,i have been a victim of fraud here in the Uk, my application for tier 1 was denied because the home office found out that my application was a fraud. (a long story but God knows, i did not do such bad things, it was my agent who did all the crime,i am in all aspect innocent about this)my visa ended last sept .2012 but i appealed my case to the court but no hope, always refused, i just received the last refusal last two weeks ago,my friends adviced me to go on for judical review but it is very expensive, and also i am very tired and hopeless now...will there be any chance that the home office will permit me to come back if i go back to the philippines and apply from there? i really would love to come back :(


  • Ztan, I am a British immigration lawyer and I can tell you this, you are guilty because you signed documents and a fraudulent application was made. You have now exhausted all appeal rights. You cannot simply mount a Judicial Review you must apply for permission to go to the high court, this is costly and takes months. I certainly would not advise you to proceed with a JR and anyone who does is simply after your money.
    Cut your losses and go home.
  • thank you for your reply alethia,may i know if i still have a chance to come back here in the uk if ever i go back hime to the philippines and apply from there?(i have met a family who would like to sponsor me for work permit to look after their mom, they are willing to help me but they can not do it for now since my papers are not alright.) i am already banned from coming back here? :( UK will be a very good place for me to support my family in the philippines.. if i could get a job here, it will be a very very big help for my family. :(
  • There is nothing in the immigration rules that allows you to return to the UK as a carer for a relative. UK employers must go through rigourous checks about their company,

    I do not know how you came to the UK, but you seem to think you can just stay here and thats not going to happen.
    If you buy your own ticket and return home you must wait one year before you can apply for a UK visa.
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