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Tunisia in December

edited February 2015 in - Tunisia
Hi, is Tunisia warm enough for a holiday in December (the travel agent says it is but not sure whether to believe them?) Also what beach resort would you recommend - Sousse, Port el Kantaoui, Skanes or Hammamet. Is there much to do for families?


  • Hi Jasond,

    Tunisia is warm enough to visit year-round. In fact, many people prefer to visit between October and May when the temperatures are warm but more comfortable than in summer, which gets very hot. It all depends what kind of holiday you want.

    I'm afraid I can't advise you on which resort to visit though, as I have never been to any of them. There are Tunisian experts on this forum - hopefully one of them will be along shortly to answer your question.
  • Hi JasonD - I would not recommend vacation after November in Tunisia. We get very cold to be honest as we get a lot of bad weather over the Med from Europe. If you are decided to come in December then I would choose Sousse or Hammamet as this gives you options for some sightseeing and a bit more to do as well as away from the resorts. Not trying to put you off but you can't really swim in December as the water temperature is quite cool, although you will have some sunny days. Just for eg even though we are in February now, the temperature in Sousse is 11c!! and that is without the wind chill factor and in Hammamet it is 14 c. If you want to enjoy Tunisia with some sun then I suggest that you come in April/May when we are almost at our best. If you want more advice then please let me know.
  • Hi Jason
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