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Settlement Visa

Can some one point me to the settlement Visa documents ,,I applied for a marriage visa for 3 mth stay return to Canada when in fact I should be able to apply for a settlement Visa
Thank you


  • As usual with almost all questions regarding Visas you fail to provide the single most important piece of information: What is your nationality?

  • Eddy you cannot apply for a settlement visa until AFTER you are married.
    You apply for the Marriage Vistor Visa you marry have your honeymoon, return to Canada and then you apply for your settlement visa from Canada. You cannot switch from a marriage or vistors visa to a settlement visa while you are in the UK.

    As of 2 March 2015 the new marriage law comes into force in the UK ,designed to prevent sham marriages and I can assure you the marriage visa and then the settlement visa is the correct route.

    Terry, Eddy has posted before and he is from Canada.
  • Hi Alethia, thanks for the update, I will be going back to Canada /Toronto April 12.2015 and than putting my marriage Visa in for my wedding, i have letters form her parents and friends, also close friends who have met my Fiancé.
    1) My question is am i allowed to bring in any amount of english pounds to the UK,
    2) Also how long the does the marriage visa take.
    3) keep looking at different days and weeks, is it 15 days, also i have a copy of my Fiancé's passport is that good, due to the fact she lives in the UK and wont be coming back with me.
    Thank you in advance Alethia...
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    "... My question is am i allowed to bring in any amount of english pounds to the UK..."

    You can bring as much cash as you wish into the UK, but you must declare amounts of €10,000 or more (or the equivalent in another currency) and be prepared to legally justify how/why you're carrying that much money.

  • Ejw, you can bring in a maximum of £10,00 cash into the UK

    The marriage visitor visa application can take up to 3 weeks to process. You will require a copy of your fiancée's passport when you make the visa application.
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    One more question..ladies and Gents, I am a canadian Citizen, do i need to live with my spouse for 2 yrs it would be insane, illegal we known each other for more than a year and engaged to marry June 29/2015, i read that somewhere, i am pretty sure its not true, I have been here a total of 3 1/2 months of being with my fiencae and over a year we have know each other, what is the truth to this ..Thanks in advance
  • EJW your question made no sense at all. image
  • Eddy, agree with Alethia... you need better grammar/syntax and most importantly clear and concise information in your post... as it stands now it's just a bunch of gobbledygook... it's impossible to figure out what you're asking.

  • Terry, it might not be a grammar/syntax problem more like EJW's been guzzling some Labatt fizzy pop !!!
  • hahah, ok here goes sorry guys
    For me to get a marriage visa when i am back in Canada, do i need to have lived with my fiance for 2 yrs, i already know her for over a year and since seen her twice already, i have the documents ready to put forth and make my appointment to see the immigration people

    Sorry for the other post, my mind was far away
  • No EJW you do have to have lived with your girlfriend for two years. If this was true no one who had an arranged marriage could apply for a settlement visa. It is too early to have your documents ready for the settlement visa .

    You do not seem to understand that there are two seperate visas. You will require a Marriage Visit visa to enter the UK to marry . I know Canadians do not normally need a visa but this time you do. Read this

    Then when you return to Canada you apply for a Settlement visa to allow you to reside in the UK.
  • Alethia..I understand the 2 visa's I am going for the marriage visa when I get home , once that is done j have to come back for the spouse visa. Understood, right now concentrating on the marriage visa..thank you for the help
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