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visa to tunisia

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i am from Philippines, i was got married to Tunisian last month here in my country. what visa i should apply and pls. tell me what requirements needed to apply visa...Please help me what should i do..Thank you


  • You need to apply for a marriage visa at the Tunisian Consulate in Manila
    No. 1851, Room 506 Heritage Building, A. Vasquez Street, Malate, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila, Philippines
    You will need to supply your marriage certificate, your husbands birth certificate, a copy of your husbands ID card and passport, certified by a notary in Tunisia. Your passport the visa application form and passport photographs. Evidence of your husbands job and bank statements.
  • thank you for your reply , i would try to call the tunisia embassy here in the philippines bec as far as i know they don't process the visa. they just open the office for those filipino in Libya who was exit to Tunisia going back to philippines.
  • Cmoijouvee, your comment in not correct. The Tunisian Consulate in the Phillipines has been open for sometine it is not a full blown embassy but it does a lot more than help Filipinos to return home from Libya.

    The following information is from the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Filipinos may lodge their applications for a Tunisian visa at the Embassy of Tunisia Indonesia, which has jurisdiction over the Philippines. However, the visa requirements may change without prior notice and Filipinos are advised to obtain the most current information by first contacting the Tunisian Consulate in Manila.

    Embassy of Tunisia, Indonesia
    Wisma Dharmala Sakti, 11th Floor Jl. Jenderal Sudriman No.32
    P.O. Box 6435 – Jakarta 10064
    Telephone: (+62-21) 570-3432 / 570-4220
    Fax: (+62-21) 570-0016
    Email: [email protected]

    Tunisian Consulate
    506 Heritage Bldg., 1851 A.Vasquez St.
    Telephone: (+63-2) 523-9984
    Fax: (+63-2) 523-9984
  • Here we go again more Jensendrake useless cut and paste.
  • @JensenDrake2, what question are you responding to here? This is a thread about getting a marriage visa - you are talking about travel visas. Please limit your responses to useful info which answers people's questions or asks a question of your own. I will delete useless posts from you.
  • hello i came to Tunisia Nov 28th 2014 which i stay 3 month but my visa remain 2 weeks to expire and i want to spend more 1 month more where can will get extension for my visa because i don't want my visa to be expire before i do extension it am from Gambia and if i want to do extension for my visa because i have another trip to Quito but my only think if i do extension for my visa and not overstay in Tunisia if i want to fly for Tunisia to Quito can them allow me to move out i need urgent reply
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    Gullard You need to go to the Bureau des Estrangers (foreigners office) at the nearest police station to where you stay. You will need the following.

    2 Passport copies (photo page and entry stamp)
    • Name of hotel (or if you rented accommodation, the rental contract)
    • 2 passport size photos
    • 2 copies of flight tickets out of the country (showing intended departure date)
    • Forms to complete (provided by the foreigners office)
    • 1 ATM receipt this shows you have enough money to stay in Tunisia
    These requirements can vary from place to place

    Once these are provided,you pay the fee and are given revenue stamps known as "timbre fiscales" which the office fixes to the forms. The fee used to be 10 Dinars per week so one month would be 40 dinars, but the fee may have gone up.
    When your documents are accepted , the extension takes 10 days to process.
    I suggest you go very early in the morning to be one of the first at the foreigners office and make the application before your present visa runs out.
    Of course you can fly to Quito you will only have problems if you overstay and you have no visa
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