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Nigerian scam

edited February 2015 in Scams
Used online dating site Evow. Started emailing,texting and speaking to a man who claimed to be English and Turkish living in Beverly Hills and in the precious metals business. His name was Dean Frederick Jacobs. Long story short he tried the scam. Where he needed an associate to wire money to me from Belgium because he couldn't send it directly to Nigeria but could send it to the USA. He said he was in Nigeria at the mines for diamonds. It was a total scam. He was such a smooth talker. I reported him to the website but nothing has been done. The number he had called me from I googled and they said it was a scam number. I called the cops and there is nothing that can be done because no money was exchanged. I want to get the word out there that he is a scam. His name is Dean Frederick Jacobs and says he went to USC.please all be aware this is a scam!


  • His name isn't Dean Frederick Jacobs, he doesn't live in Beverly Hills, he never went to USC and everything he/she told you is a total lie because IT'S NOT A REAL PERSON!!!

    Stop thinking that love interests on the Internet are real. That's so illogical that it's incomprehensible. Grow up.

    All the best to you in the future with meeting actual living human beings.

  • British and Turkish living in Beverley Hills with a Jewish surname Jacobs that would be a red flag straightaway.His name is more likely to be Nigerian such as Obafemi Odogwu !!
    Diamonds are not mined in Nigeria.
    Amazing how these people who are scammed think the scammers are real.
  • How do we know you're not some pervert trying to destroy someone's name?
    Scammers asks you for money right? You said he was having his associate wire you money... He didn't as for your own money. You should have just look for a way to see if it's legit before jumping on here and writing something about him.....
    I don't like people who jump to conclusion
  • Renee1010 - are you a scammer as well??? There is no way for this to be legit. No jumping but the conclusions are obvious!!!
  • @Renee1010, what is described above is a classic scam with all the telltale signs - including the fact that the number was confirmed to have been involved with other scams by the police. We have heard the same story countless times on this forum. I am now closing this conversation, however, because this is primarily a travel forum and not the place to air these sorts of grievances.
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