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deported in south korea....on dec, 26, 2009

pls help there any possibility to goback and work again south korea? please any one there can give me me clear suggestion....thanks god bless...


  • No one can answer your question.

    Apply for another Work Visa and see what happens.

    Good luck.

  • thanks you so much for that comment,,im wondering if is there anybody else there who can help me to my problem...maybe on the 27 of february 2015 is the E.P.S wondering if im qualified again to get another chance of visa in korea..or else if im not confirmed as a voluntary returnee maybe the result of my exam is considered invalid.....plsssss anyone out there..............
  • thank you terry,,,just now a receive a call from my friend and it happens to be my teacher in korean language he called me that he verify in poea that from jan. 01,2010 up to the present is invalid and from dec. 2009 down...are now freely to go back and work again...thanks god you are wonderful......thank you
  • Good luck.

  • That's very interesting @cristotel, thanks for sharing that info. We get people asking about returning to South Korea after various bans very often on this forum, but it has always been impossible for us to answer them - nobody knows except South Korean Immigration! Please let us know if your re-entry is successful. Good luck!
  • edited February 2015
    POEA has nothing whatsoever to do with South Korean Immigration. POEA is a department of the Government of the Phillipines that licenses and monitors overseas recruitment agenicies in the Phillipines.
    Only the Korean Immigration Service can confirm if a previously banned person can reenter Korea and people should not listen to secondhand gossip
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