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Advice on Amir Palace, Tunisia

edited February 2015 in - Tunisia
hi i am wondering if anyone can help i booked a trip to the amir palace in june 15 i was really excited untill various travel sites gave it awful reviews i am now a little anxious and wondering if i should cancel and loose the money i ahve already paid, if anyone has knowledge of the amir palace on all inclusive basis i would be greatful wether it be good or bad, i am also wondering if anyone knows the current costs of taxis to and from sousse monister hammemet etc sorry for spelling mistakes no insult meant by them, and if anyone has knowledge as to what trips and costs of trips i can do from the hotel and finally does anyone know if ramadan will affect the all inclusive option of my holiday as the travel agent failed ton advise me my holiday was during ramadan and i do not wish to affend anyone many thanks in advance


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    Ijnmark, Ramadan will not affect your holiday, everything will be operating as usual in the resort areas.

    You can take the metro from Monastir to Sousse it used to cost 1dinar each way a nice day trip would be to Mahdia south of Monastir by metro
    I have no idea about taxi fares. The hotel and your tour rep will have lots of trips on offer.

    As for your hotel you have chosen to holiday in an all inclusive tourist resort that caters for hundreds of guests., some people will love the hotel some will hate it.
    I read the reviews and there were far more very good and excellent reviews than bad. Tunisia is a lovely country and Monastir is a very nice place to stay, I am sure you will have a very enjoyable holiday
  • thank you Alethia
  • Read some more reviews on top sights not everyone had a bad experience with that hotel. If you still want to change your destination, then you had many options. There are many good places to stay here. But this time before booking your hotel make sure you are choosing the right place.
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