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What do you think about the island of Curacao?

Would you like to have a vacation in Curacao? What places would you like to visit on the island?


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    The southern coast of Curacao is scattered with spectacular bays, beaches and secluded coves, and the island is famous for it's fantastic diving. The capital Willemstad is full of interesting colonial architecture and the historic waterfront is worth a visit, filled with shops, cafes and restaurants. For more see our
    Curacao travel guide.
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  • Curacao is an interesting mix of European and Caribbean cultures. The island was a Dutch colony for many years and you can see their influence everywhere. You should walk across the Queen Emma pontoon bridge into town then find a nice bar in time to watch the bridge swing open to let a boat through. Once it closes you're stuck until it opens again. There's lots of nice shops nearby too.
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