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Zimbabwe or Zambia for Victoria Falls?

Hello, I am planning a trip to Victoria Falls (also plan to do some whitewater rafting!) and I am wondering whether it is better to go to the Zambian side or the Zimbabwean side?


  • Hi Sally,
    I have stayed on both sides and really they are both wonderful! I slightly preferred Zambia, but I spent a much longer time there, and it was a few years ago, so perhaps it's an unfair comparison. I would advise you to explore the falls from both countries, no matter which one you use as a base. The officials at the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia are very accommodating of tourists wanting to just pop over for a few hours to see the falls. I have always found them pleasant at this particular border post. From either side. You will also find great, well-established whitewater rafting operators on the Zambezi in both countries so that needn't really be a factor in your decision. Perhaps I can help more if you tell me where you are from and what sort of accommodation you are looking for?
  • Hi Sally,
    I agree with Mike, both sides are great! Check out these travel guides for Zambia and Zimbabwe - maybe they'll help you decide. If the various attractions don't sway you, the best idea is to check out the hotels, backpackers etc available in the region and decide where to stay according to what appeals to you.
  • Zambia is the best side to see for Victoria Falls.i enjoy this side alot.
  • You can walk over the Victoria Falls Bridge from either side it takes about thirty minutes, The views are spectacular.
  • Thanks! That is interesting... I'm glad it's so easy to cross the border and explore both sides. I will be looking for fairly budget accommodation - nothing too fancy. A backpackers would be just fine, so long as there are decent private rooms with en suite bathrooms. Any recommendations?
  • Jollyboys is wellknown on the Zambia side of the falls
    and on the Zimbabwe side Victoria Falls Backpackers is also very popular
  • I stayed at Fawlty Towers in Livingstone (Zambia) and had such a great experience. Good budget accommodation but a little better than the average backpackers (and with such a nice pool, which is very welcome in that climate!). Jollyboys is ideal if you want a party - but if you prefer something a bit more restful I would suggest booking a room at Fawlty Towers and then heading to Jollyboys for drinks at night.
  • Thanks!
  • Have you been, how did it go? *curious*
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