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Met a lady on a dating website, is this a scam

edited March 2015 in Expat Advice
I have recently met a lady on a dating website who claims to need money before she can fly from lagos, i have all ready sent £300 for hotel bills, £300 for medical treatment and £180 pounds for money to travel with. now she wants money before the airline will let her fly, I am not sure if this is a scam ?


  • You're being played for a fool. Wake up.

  • Thanks for the comment, sounded to good to be true when the pictures appeared, lesson learnt and won't fall for anything like this again, thank god I found this site and people like yourself so I to can warn idiots like myself, believe me when I say if it sounds to good to true, it is, I think that's right, once again , thank you
  • Just to add weight to Terry's answer: definitely a scam!
  • I met a girl 5 months before on a dating site,she came only once on,we saw and talk each other only for 5 minutes,after that we never meet as she sad ,she do not have and she is not having money to buy do not have any relative except old and sick widowed mother. Her father was American,who died in usa,and mother came back in Benin ,Africa,that girl was attending Nursing Course,she asked me for money help.when she completed course,she sent me the copies of her her certificates,which seems real,she had usa passport,she send me the copy of that passport,which i showed to my American citizen relative ,now in pakistan, he declaired True,she had Muslim friend and classmate,i enquired about her from her Muslim friend,she told me withSwearing The Holy Quran,that this christian girl,her best friend and class mate?is not cheater and scammer,sheis serious and want to marry you,one month before Ramdan,this girl went along her muslim friend ,to chief immam of big Mosque,and become muslim,she prays and had fasts like muslims,she reads Quran also, and give me refetences fromQuran,which are 100…% correct,now she is asking me to arrange money for her immigeration to pakistan,she has contacted pakistan embassey for papers,as she do not have money ,so her Muslim friend and me are planning to arrange money.
    Can you please guide me in this regard,what i should do
  • .....and pray for the curse of Allah on the liars.” (Surah Āli- Imrān 3:61)

    This is a scam , but you are too naive to see . How can your American relative know if a passport is real or not, is he a fraud expert? Dont you know that quotes from the Quran can be found on line.

    Your girl from Benin is a liar who wants money and more money ! The girl you saw once was probably the girlfriend of the scammer who is playing you for the deluded fool you are.

    Nobody emigrates to Pakistan, Stop all contact with this scammer and go get a life.
  • I'm afraid I agree with Alethia, @cheerful1944. This sounds like a classic romance scam.
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