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Divorce in Tunisia

I got married in Sousse in 2012. I live in the UK and always have. My husband left Tunisia in 2013 and moved to Germany (illegally). We agreed on a divorce a few years ago but doubt he has done anything about it.

I don't want to divorce him from the Uk because of the costs and also because I never registered my marriage here.

I would like to divorce him in Tunisia and am happy to travel there to do so. I have contacted a few lawyers in Tunisia all of which have asked for 900dt + upfront to handle the divorce and I only need to attend once. None seem to want to actually give me much information about what exactly will be involved.

Is anyone able to assist me with the following:

1) What is the actual process for getting a divorce in Tunisia?
2) How long does a divorce take (I'm not in a hurry but want to set my expectations)
3) Can I get a divorce in the UK despite not registering my marriage here? Are the difference in costs as extreme as I've heard?
4) Does anyone know of a 'company' who can handle the divorce in Tunisia at a reasonable fee

Also just FYI- we have no shared assets children etc

Thank you in advance for your assistance and if I need to provide any more information please let me know :)


  • Ann - there are no companies here that handle divorce. You can do it very cheaply with a notaire but you will have to attend the court. If you do it with a notaire it shouldn't cost more than tnd150-200. If you use a solicitor then it should not cost more than around tnd400-500, but either way you must come here to appear at the first proceeding. The judge will ask your husband if he want the divorce, if he says no then a period of 3 weeks will be given for 'reconciliation'. You then have a 2nd court date when the judge will grant your divorce even if your husband still does not want it. So, weigh up your air fares/hotel costs against what it will cost to divorce in the UK. If you want more info, please feel free to contact me via email
  • Oh Ann and I forgot to tell you that you that there is no way to register your marriage in the UK but it is considered a legal marriage there. You can send them your marriage certificate but it is only filed not registered. You can still divorce in the UK without a problem but considering the costs as I detailed above, maybe you should do it in your home country
  • The cost of the court fees in the UK are £410 plus £50 for the decrees absolute.
    You can do the British divorce yourself and just ask advice from a solicitor/citizens advice which will save you money.
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