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Travel guides for expats

Hello - I am researching websites that produce travel guides for expats / people relocating to a new country or city. has some great content, but it's for people going on holiday mainly. We're after travel guides that provide staff with reliable information on expat destinations - but written for expats. So including advice on international schools, settling in, where to live, healthcare etc. etc. Any suggestions?


  • Hi Jason - you should have a look at the travel guides at - it has more than 200 city guides and has all the info you need. The guides are written by local expats living in each city, and you can download PDF versions of the full guides. Expat Arrivals also produce bespoke guides for various companies for their relocating employees, incorporating their tone of voice, etc. etc.
  • Jasond - there are some brilliant expat forums on the web just google and you will find some very good ones. If you want specific information on specific countries then I can assist with some but you should let me know exactly the country required. I live in Tunisia but have lived in many countries as an expat and as a local. Just inbox me and I will respond
  • Yeah, forums are the best way to share your knowledge and gain knowledge from others. Travel guides for expats may be old or written from a long time ago with the forums you will get the latest info. Or you should read the expert's blogs and articles, that will help you a lot.
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