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When is the best time to visit Cuba - March or April?

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Hi - thinking about a last minute beach holiday to Cuba, what's the weather likely to be like in March or April. When is the best time to visit? If we leave it this time, and plan to go later in the year, are there any months to avoid? Also are does the climate in Cuba vary depending on where you are on the island, which coast you're on? For instance I know that some Caribbean islands are windy on one side and sheltered on the other. Also, is Havana worth visiting if we're only in Cuba for a week? Thanks.


  • 1.) March/April is lovely, it's nice and warm but without the really hot/humid summer weather.

    2.) Summers are super hot and winters are chillier, same as anywhere.

    3.) The south is generally warmer, same as anywhere in the Caribbean.

    4.) Whether Havana is worth a visit is a question only you can answer. It's a huge city of rich/poor extremes with 2,000,000+ inhabitants and 500+ years of history with a rich and complicated arts/music/etc. culture existing in a dizzyingly complex political and social structure.

    If you like big, stinky, loud, complicated, dysfunctional cities in developing countries then you'll love Havana and you'll never want to leave. If that's not your thing then you'll be counting the hours to when you can blow town and head to the beach.

    Have fun.

  • Don't mean to crash this thread, but what's it like in November/December - hoping someone has some experience at this time of year :) thinking of going for New Years! :)
  • It's winter so it's not as hot of course. Very end of the hurricane season. The south end of the island is warmer. If you want a crazy Christmas celebration Google, "Las Parrandas de Remedios."

    Have fun.

  • how about veradero cuba in june
  • It's summer, so hot and humid.

  • March–April is a good time to visit Cuba to enjoy the beach and diving seasons, and during this time you can witness tobacco harvest! We went there with my boyfriend back in March 2014, and it was a great trip! Two days in Havana and a week in southern coastline without wifi…true digital detox! Some sources you might find useful to choose the right time to visit Cuba: - seasonal experiences, weather, and crowdedness
    Responsible Travel - travel tips divided by seasons
    Rough Guides - a brief guide based on wet, dry, and hurricane seasons
    Cuba is amazing, hope to go there again in 2018!
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