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visa for spain visit on business

can I apply for Spain visas for business visit from london ? I hold Indian passport with UK multiple entry visit/business visas.


  • You can apply for Schengen visa for Spain whilst holding a UK business visa ,see here
  • Hello,

    I have just seen through some posts for the queries asked by various people and you responses. I felt you would be able to help me on the same.. So here my concern. Please help me.

    I have applied for Schengen Visa, Spain with all the supporting documents.

    I have a problem here, i.e. I have two passports the old one is cancelled and new one was issued for change in address purpose.

    I have misplaced my old passport and to explain that I have submitted an letter to the Spain Consulate stating that I have misplaced my old unused passport along with other documents.

    Can you suggest me what is the probability of it being approved?
  • I do not think a cancelled passport will have any effect on your application.

    Its rather odd how people who have already submitted Schengen applications ask on here if they will be succesful. Crystal ball any one image
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