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Idea - language schools for immigrants like me :)

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I'm not a teacher, but I'm looking for any good language schools chains. I would like to introduce one in Canada, but establish it with a little twist - my main target would be immigrants from Eastern Europe.

I am in Warsaw now and I see language schools on every corner, but still I know many people going to Canada or USA, while they can not speak a word in English. It is a problem when they arrive in Canada because they stick to their nationalities and they are afreid of speaking and learning other language. I was wondering what it looks like and whether or not it is worth rgo to Canada myself and try to open something on my own - I know some good English teachers there (I don't have enough language skills to do it on my own). I checked google and found '' - they offer franchising and and they have experience worldwide. They already have some schools in Warsaw, but as far as I know there are no schools in Canada.

So...Do you have any other ideas of good language schools franchising? This doesn't have to be a chain of language schools, which is now present in Poland. I am ready to negotiate with any new, but I need something to start with. Maybe you just know any good chain (but necessarily in/from Canada - I'm not able to try in USA) and can recommend something from your own experience? this would be big help!

best regards


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    Hi Knapens,

    If your looking for a good language schools in Canada, there are many great english schools in Toronto. I would like to introduce a good one , Canada Residence English School.

    Canada Residence offers 8 levels of general English classes, from very basic to very advanced. Students can choose from a variety of classes, including grammar, conversation, listening, reading, writing, communication, and pronunciation. These programs include General English, Intensive English, TOEFL / TOEIC, English For Business, University Pathway, Study & Work, LSAT Preparation and GMAT Preparation. At Canada Residence, we offer a number of programs to meet the needs of our students.

    You may inquire if they offer school franchising at

    Hope this help.
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