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Romance Scam Details

edited March 2015 in Scams
Well here is my story I went on a free christian website and met a man that call himself Delroy . He said he was Jamaican. a christian, didn't smoke or drink. He said he lived in Albany, NY. I saw the flags but really didn't want to believe that he wasn't my prince charming. He claim to have worked for Exxon Mobile of Ireland, a widower and one son, who was in private school in Manchester England. After a month of us communicating he ask me for money to pay for his son's last excursion for the year. He couldn't reach his friends. I refused, by this time we were suppose to be in love found love really fast. I to am a single mom and didn't make a fourth of what he was claiming to make. He sent me pictures of his mom, , him and his son. The website contacted me and told me that they banned him from their site. I had already ask him why was he still up there. He used the ban as an excuse that I wanted him off. The next time he ask me for money. He had said he was about to retire but he was going to invest in the oil business, after he retire in October. By this time we were talking everyday. I would call him all times of the night, when I couldn't sleep. I sent him $1100 my savings. He got real friendly wanting us to talk all the time. So He ask for $5000 more for the business. This time he claim to help get thins cleared up before he could leave the rig. He sent me a copy of an official looking check made out to him from Exxon saying it was what they owed him but he couldn't cash it there. This summer he ask for yet more saying he needed $5000 more. I sent him $1100 more from money I borrower off my insurance policies and a small loan. We were suppose to get married so I quit my job last summer, and my when my retirement came he ask for $10,000. I sent him $8000 in September. That was to clear up everything about the business. He was suppose to go to NY then come here to get me.After that he claim his son went into the hospital and that to me was just to much. So for a few months we still talked. He ask me to borrow money from my friends. I told him the thought this relationship was a romance scam. He would always denied it. I also told him those Nigerian men wasn't being honest to him about the business. I sent him all this through Money gram. I am not really sure what kind of situation he was in or how he got there. I could always contact him.He did change phone numbers a few times. But he always sent me updated pictures. I ran the images through Google. I paid Spokeo to check his email address. His email started saying the same thing and I got tire of getting a lot of sweet talk but nothing else. He got so he didn't want to talk as much so I kinda figure he would stop talking to me one day. I am not sure what kind of situation he is in or how he got there but he put me in a mess borrowing money. I can't afford to pay it back. I kinda wish I had used better judgement with him. Now I am out of $16,000. I could have use it to do much needed repairs on my home. We talked for 13 months. I haven't told my family and friends because I am so ashamed. I am trying to recover from the loss. It has been hard. I have just prayed for peace of mine and for them to get caught so no one else will get hurt like. I did report it to . I don't trust any dating websites anymore. As I see in so many other stories the always are a widow, with one children. They usually work overseas. He was always the nice and a gentleman. We even prayed and talked about the bible a lot. Anyway I hope this helped someone before they make the same mistake I did by opening my heart and pocketbook to a stranger.


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