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Marriage in Turkey for Foreigners

My fiancé and me we are planning to marry in Turkey.we are from different nationalities.I would like to know if with a tourist visas we can marry.As that will be the first time we are coming to Turkey, I have no idea where to marry and how much are the costs (all kind of costs) like medicale examination/blood test/translator/translation of the documents/civil ceremony itself/ transportation from and to the Venue/menue ect....either in package or individual price.

I know that I want A very intimate Beach wedding ceremony

Thank you for your help



  • Can you please tell me which countries you and your fiance are from as different countries need different documents.

    Do you have any idea about the place you will be coming to in Turkey such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Antalya where ?
  • Hi Alethia :-)
    Thank you for your reply.

    I am from Algeria and my fiance is from Iran.

    I do not have a clear idea about where is the best place for us to celebrate our marriage.All I know is that we prefere a very intimate wedding celebration with only 4 guests.

    A Wedding Beach Venue is our Best dream for our marraige celebration.(our budget is very limited, so we are looking for not expensive place)

    Thank you for your Help :-)
  • Antalya is probably the easiest place to travel to and it has miles of beach. (Istanbul has no beaches)There are some very inxpensive hotels or apartments. I could also find someone to assist you as you do not speak the language. Not a wedding planner just a female contact of mine who can help you with your wedding, translation etc.

    Documents necessary to be married in Turkey:

    1. Marriage petition (Evlenme Beyannamesi) You obtain this from the Beladiya Marriage Office. The marriage office will also advise you which clinic to attend for your blood tests, which are required by Turkish law.

    2. Certificate/Affidavit of Eligibility to Marry (Evlenme Ehliyet Belgesi): A statement from your country's consulate or embassy in Turkey that you meet your country's requirements to be married. Iranians sometimes find this quite difficult to obtain , the Iranian embassy is not very helpful, so you might want to arrange this from Iran

    3. Personal identification (passport, identification card, birth certificate )

    4. Photographs of the bride and groom (five copies of each) for the official records.

    5. If you have been married before your divorce decree or death certificate of former spouse.
  • Adele31, I spoke with my contact in Antalya Turkey earlier today her name is Aysun and this is her website

    Aysun is a lovely person ad will be able to help you for sure. Please let me know how you get on.
  • Hi Alethia :-)

    Thank you a lot for your help and i will sure contact your friend.just one last question : Certificate/Affidavit of Eligibility to Marry (Evlenme Ehliyet Belgesi): is the certificate that shows that I'm single and that I can marry yes? if it is that one I can get it from my country and certify it and translate it in Turkish Embassy in my country...

    God bless you :-) and thank you again for your help :-)


  • You are correct the Eligibilty to Marry is the certificate that shows you are single and free to marry. Aysun will help you I am sure. My best wishes for the future.
  • Hello

    I have a question - I am british and living in Lebanon and my fiancee is Syrian also living in lebanon - we are travelling to Turkey to have a civil marriage.

    I have booked an appointment at UK embassy in Istanbul to do the affadavit and my fiancee has brought his Ikhraj Qeed from Syria which he will get stamped at the Syrian Embassy in Istanbul.

    The question I had is that I have lost my original birth certificate and now only have a certified copy of birth certificate - will this be enough - do I need to get this document legalised for the Turkish authorities to accept my birth certificate?
  • When you say a certified copy do you mean a copy issued by a British register office? If so, that is the same as an original birth certificate.
  • I mean it was issued by the General Register Office - so that means it is the same as an original and will be accepted by Turkish authorities as such?
  • Yes, a birth certificate issued by the General Register office is perfectly acceptable.
  • okay that is great - thanks for your help!!
  • Hi Alethia

    Im from The U.S (Texas) and my Boyfriend is from Relizane Algeria weve been to istanbul this past July 2015 and we are planning to return to marry there i was wanting to know is it possible and what is the requirements also my understanding is that we will need 2 witnesses well we are traveling just us 2 we dont know anyone there is that a requirement to have and what documents are needed for him and i we are planning to be there 2 weeks and is that enough time again we are from 2 different countries
  • If you stay in a hotel they can provide witnesses,one should be able to translate as the ceremony is in Turkish

  • Thanks so much for that info and also would you happen to know the documents he will need from algeria to marry in istanbul
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    You will need an affidavit stating your fiance is single and free to marry from the Algerian government. His birth certificate an original or certified copy from the Government of Algeria. , his passport and ID card. All must be translated in to Turkish in Istanbul and taken to the Istanbul governors office with the originals and they will fix an apostille free of charge.
    As you are from the US you must do exactly the same, have your documents translated
    and an apostille affixed at the governors office. The marriage office wont accept your booking without this or your blood tests from the local hospital.
  • Hello, can you get married if your blood is positive ?
  • Hi,
    My boyfriend and I planning to join each other in Turkey and if possible to get married there.
    He is German and I`m from Iran. I`d like to know if we can marry in Turkey on a visitor visa and if yes what cities in turkey we can refer to for such purpose?
    And can I then apply for a family reunification visa from German embassy in turkey?
    Is such marriage options for foreigners and getting visa from German embassy possible at the current time in Turkey?
    Thank you for your good help here 
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    Hello Bahar222

    Did you able get married in Turkey? If no, I will be happy to help you about your marriage in Turkey.
  • hi i want to ask my fiancee from turkey and im Algerian and we want to get married in Istanbul what i need to do and i was before married for you knew and tell me excitely ,i want to go there with visa touristic what i need please answer me at nearest time
    thank you
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