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Advice for viewing Great Migration in Kenya

I am planning a trip to Kenya from the UK. I would like to see the Great Migration of Wildebeest while I am there.
What I need to find out is:
When is the best time to see the Great Migration?
Where in Kenya does the Great Migration take place?
Which game reserves and lodges have the best access to the Great Migration?
And, do I need vaccinations/ medication when going to Kenya (is there malaria in Kenya)?
Do I need a yellow fever vaccination for Kenya? Or any other medical precautions?


  • The best time to witness the migration is between June and August, the exact time varies from year to year depending on the weather among other things. There is already some detailed in on this on another questions see: Best time to see the Wildebeest migration. And if you do go and see it, please do come back to the forum and tell us about it - I have been to Kenya and Tanzania but seeing the famous migration in the Serengeti and Masai Mara is still on the list of things to do.
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  • I agree with Mathieu about the timing. Check out this Kenya Travel Guide for info on health, vaccinations, weather and other basic information which should come in handy for your trip. The Great Wildebeest Migration is said to be one of the most impressive sights on the planet - I'm jealous! Bear in mind that it is a popular time to visit Kenya and it is therefore worth booking accommodation etc well in advance.
  • Thanks guys, this was very helpful. I will let you know how everything goes.
  • Hi Pat

    1. July to October is usually the best time to witness the Great Migration

    2. The Great Migration takes place at the Mara river, The massing along the swollen Mara river bank crossing becomes one of the most spectacular sights

    3. One of the Best lodges would be the Mara Serena Lodge, Rekero Luxury Tented camp (Though this one is abit on the high end but located right on the banks)

    4. Yes there is malaria in Kenya, find a doctor who specializes in travel health care and tell him or her about your planned Kenya travel plans, or visit a travel clinic. You'll need to get certain immunizations before heading to Africa. Malaria is common, You can protect yourself from malaria by taking an anti-malaria treatment or avoiding mosquitoes; use a mosquito-repellent spray and mosquito nets. You will need a yellow fever vaccination for travel to East Africa. Other vaccinations you may need include Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Typhoid. Visit the Centers for Disease Control's Web site for destination-specific health information.

    I do hope this helps. Have a great trip
    If you do require more information, you can drop us an email at [email protected]
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    Hi Patrick,
    How do you do?
    I believe my late response will contribute towards your good questions posted on this forum. Indeed i'm sailing in the same boat as outlined by Mathieu though i as an operator i would recommend month of July , August and late September and October each year as this marks the peak of animals migration between serengeti and maasai mara game reserve each year. Besides, there is little predictability about this and questions as to which is the best month to view it are likely to get different answers from different authors and bloggers.

    According to Scott, ‘You could spend a lifetime in the Serengeti & Maasai Mara waiting for the typical migration. The finer details of the herds’ movements are always different.

    It is a dynamic process which defies predictions: "no two years are ever quite the same" though, Maasai mara is the most visited park in East Africa from January to December as it host all the animals that always migrate from serengeti to maasai mara and vise vasa as opposed to serengeti national park which is an endless plain.

    Maasai mara is a rolling land and receives rains more frequent hence keeping the vegetation green for the herbivorous and their predators.

    For the lodges, if you are looking for High end category then i recommend mara serena safari lodge, mara sarova lodge , the fig tree camp just to mention but a few.

    Vaccination is necessary ie yellow fever before you set your fit in Kenya and carry the certificate this will save you a lot of time at the immigration offices here at JKIA upon arrival.

    You also need to have travel insurance otherwise if you happen to travel with Back of Africa adventure then AMREF (FLYING DOCTORS IN CASE OF EMERGENCY) is taken care by the company for one month as all our guest are covered by amref.

    All the best.
  • The Great Migration of Wildebeest, is circle which goes on around the year time but more you see in Tanzania, To see the Great Migration of Wildebeest Masai Mara – Kenya is from Late June to Mid October. To see the Great Migration of Wildebeest in Serengeti – Tanzania. From Late October to November – North Serengeti in Lobo area, From December to January Central Serengeti and From January to April in South Serengeti and Ndutu area. My Opinion is best time to see is during when Great Migration of Wildebeest is in Ndutu area or South of Serengeti.
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