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Need a divorce from Tunisian man

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Please help I need to be divorced from a Tunisia man but can't afford to return there??? I was married in 2011 been seperated since then WHAT CAN I DO ?????


  • What country are you from? I ask this as you may not have to divorce in Tunisia
  • I am in England UK
  • Then you can divorce in the UK you DO NOT need to divorce in Tunisia or travel to Tunisia at all.
  • Oh really? Could you give me some more information please so I can begin the process? I would be very grateful
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    Here is the divorce petition
    Guidance notes
    Divorce fee is £410 unless you are on benefits or low wage then the court will give you a form to fill in to ask for the fee to be cut or reduced. Complete the form yourself and send to the court.
    Almost forgot, you will need your original wedding certificate
  • My ex husband would not let me have any of the paperwork from the marriage and I cannot contact him so what will I do ???
  • All you need is the marriage certificate and Lesley the Tunisian expert may know how you can get that,
  • The marriage certificate will be lodged with the municipality where you married, however, I believe that it is possible to get this also from the courts. I will try to find out today the process and post asap
  • Lesley&Alethia thank you both for your help mreally do need to get this divorce as soon as possible
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    In 2011 I was in Sousse with a client who needed a marriage certificate and we paid a local lawyer 30 Tunisian Dinars about £10 to get the copy for her. You may need to pay a Tunisian lawyer to get it for you. Where did you marry in Tunisia.
  • I just want to be sure I know where you signed the contract......was it with a notaire/municipality?? If with notaire he can easily get this for you as he would lodge this with the court. Also if you signed at the municipality they will also obtain this with you. Or perhaps go the route that Alethia has suggested and pay a lawyer to get it for you
  • I married in Ariana in Tunis and yes I signed a contract we were given a marriage certificate plus a family book that looked very much like a passport, the brothers of my husband also signed our marriage certificate as witness's my husband told me I don't need the papers and he will take care of them , I did ask for copies but he said no I didnt need them.
  • Ok so did you sign with a notaire? If so, you can contact that notaire, or else contact the municipality in Ariana for the certificates. Why did you not insist on having a copy of the marriage certificate? It doesn't make sense that you would have thought that you would not need them.
  • Lesley I never thought I would need them in all honesty so didn't insist Silly I know but I just need to deal with this problem ASAP I need to know how I contact the notaire ? Or even the municipality I have nothing with an address on it to guide me in the right direction, plus I don't speak Arabic or French so the language barrier makes things difficult for me too.
    I didn't ever marry before I married the Tunisian so all this is new to me plus different rules for different countries it's really too much for me to deal with alone I am so stressed but I do thank you for any guidance
  • Here is a list of Tunisian lawyers and interpreters courtesy of the British Embassy in Tunisia. I suggest you contact one or more of these lawyers and ask how much they would charge to obtain a marriage certificate for you. I do hope you know the date and place of your marriage and your husbands full name.
  • Alethia, you forgot to attach the list.... ;-)

  • Alethia of course I know my husbands full name I know the date too but have no idea of the name of the place I married
  • And yes you forgot to add the list??
  • Sorry folks ! I am having a senior blonde day LOL
  • The link is not allowing me to use it???
  • Galvi - anyone in Tunisia can obtain the birth certificate of anyone else!! If you have his full name then you can have someone get this for you. You said that you married in Ariana? Was this with a notaire in the family home or in the municipality? Even if it was with a notaire it will be registered in Ariana and it is easy to find the address and telephone number.
  • I am not n Tunisia right now I am in the UK I was married in municipality and its a copy of my marriage certificate I need HUN not a birth certificate. I just don't know the procedure to find the address and phone number for the place I married any help would be very much appreciated
  • Galvizach, yesterday I contacted the lawyer I have worked with before. I sent him an email asking if he can help you. I should get a quick resonse. He is very nice and speaks English. Iwill message you as soon as I hear from him.
  • That is very kind of you thank you so much
  • Having blonde day as well lol!! I meant marriage certificate. Hope that the lawyer can assist you but I will get you the address of the municipality on Ariana.
  • Baz - Ariana is quite a large area and perhaps you were married in the suburb of Soukra? I will give you the address for both municipalities:

    Municipale Soukra
    rue du Parc
    +216 70 49 44 07

    Municipale Ariana
    rue Echih
    Ariana Medina
    +216 71 71 44 59

    If you know someone who speaks French perhaps ask them to help you but there are a lot of foreigners (expats) who live in that area so you may find someone in the offices who has English

    Good luck
  • Thank you so much Lesley but now I have the problem of not knowing a French speaking person, would either of these tow addresses have an e mail I could contact?
  • Gal - I googled Soukra and here is a link to the Municipality, they have a f/b and also I saw a 'marriage file'. Maybe this can be of help:
  • Galvizach I have sent you a private message please respond
  • Alethia I cannot find your private message?????
  • I sent it again, click on your name at the right hand top of the page and your messages should come up.
    The Tunisian lawyer I told you about will work for you , find your marriage certificate and do your divorce for a very reasonable price, I put everything in the personal message.
  • I just keep getting a message saying I don't have permission to do that ???????
  • Could you please reply to me at [email protected] that's my main e mail address thanks
  • Perhaps the mods can sort it out for you. Please email me at [email protected] and I will send you all the details directly from the lawyer.
  • @GALVIZACH you can't click on your name because you don't have expert status on this forum, but there is a little envelope symbol next to your name in the upper right corner which opens your inbox. You should be able to access any private messages sent to you by clicking on that envelope.
  • Thanks for explaining Ella :smiley:
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