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Dual citizen marrying a tunisian

Hello everyone, I looking into all the documents to marry my lovely tunisian man and have a question about the Certificate of No impediment and birth certificate. I was born and grew up originally in America, but have spent the last 10 years (and am currently) living in the UK. I have dual citizenship.
Is it ok to ONLY use a CONI from the UK along with my certificate of citizenship (naturalization) to get married? OR, do I also need to provide my US birth certificate and a CONI from the US as well? Does anyone know who I can get confirmation from about which documents I require? I'm happy to send my fiance around Tunisia to find out... but I don't know where to send him! Many thanks :)


  • Oliviapsu - I have on many threads posted what you need to marry. As you are an American you must provide your original American birth certificate. Please go to your American Embassy in the UK and get all your documents from there. If you can't find the threads let me know and I will detail exactly what you require..........and by the way, your fiance knows exactly where to go!!!
  • Oliviapsu as Lesley has said you need to use your American birth certificate and as you are using the US birth certificate you will need to obtain an affidavit from the USA Embassy (this can be done at the Embassy in Tunisia) not a CONI from the UK.

    Your fiance should know very well wwere to go to arrange the wedding.
  • Hi thanks for your response. So, it does not matter that I am ALSO a UK citizen? (I am not sure if the US will want to give me a CONI as I am not a US resident anymore). Many thanks
  • You cannot mix and match nationalities you can only use one at a time. For your marriage you must use your US citizenship because of your birth certificate. It is irrelevant where you reside the affidavit is purely you stating that you are free to marry.
  • Ok, thanks for your help :)
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