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Travelling with British immigration status document

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i want to send my friend to Jamaica for two weeks she has got her Jamaican passport and her indefinite stay immigration status document on A4 paper can she travel.


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    Yes she can travel but she must take the British immigration status document with her as this is the only evidence she has indefinite leave to remain.
  • thank you
  • hi this topic attracks me too. i have a Residence card issued on an A4 paper known as Immigration status Document I.S.D. . just this week i wanted to travel to france with my partner and daughter but they told me they can not accept my residence card on this A4 paper, they said my residence card need to be affix or stamp in my passport before they can accept it according to their rules before they can process my application and give me tourist visa to france. is there any kind of of procedure i can follow to transfer my residence card on this A4 paper transfer in to my new passport i recently made? please help . Note that i have called the german embassy to explain to them the kind of document i have but they said they will need to see my residence card stamp into my passport and i guess its so for all european countries. help me thanks
  • @takis, an Immigration Status Document is NOT a passport this is proof only that you are living legally in the UK, you cannot travel any where with his paper. The British Home Office no longer puts visa stamps in passports.

    You need to apply for Biometric Residence Permit. Here is the guidance to assist you.

    If you have Indefinite Leave to Reamain in the UK use form NTL
    but if you still have a visa known as Leave to Remain you use form TOC
    Good luck.
  • Hi thank you Alethia, i have gone through the form of TOC. Will this means i have to make a new application as i hear other says i have to make a new application. I have an ISD with a RC afix in it and my passport, can i travel to my country cameroon with both and still return back to UK with no problem?
  • @takis
    You can travel with an Immigration Status Document but to travel safely to your country and back to the UK you really need a biometric residence card. An ISD should be changed as soon as possible to a biometric card.

    If you are an asylum seeker with discretionary leave to remain or ILR and you return to Cameroon you will be picked up on your return, interviewed and your visa maybe cancelled.
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