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Purchasing Cuba Tourist Card in LA

Hello there

I am in a complicated situation! I'm a Swiss citizen, currently staying in Australia and will fly from Sydney to LA and from there with an independent flight to Havana.
I've read several times that it is possible to purchase a tourist card at the airports at the checkin. But as the relation between the USA and Cuba is a bit difficult I wondered if I can buy it at the airport in LA. Or the airport in Sydney, but i'm not flying from there to Havana...

Sorry if this question is already answered in another post.
I appreciate every helpful comment as it is really difficult to find an answer to this combination on the internet.


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    Your situation isn't complicated. In fact it's very straightforward, no worries.

    1.) You can't fly from LA to Cuba. There are no flights available to anyone not flying under a US OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) licence. This is because all tourist travel from the US to Cuba is illegal.

    2.) From LA your best gateway city to Cuba is Mexico City offering multiple daily flights via Interjet, Aeromexico and (last resort) Cubana. Your second closest gateway city is Canun offering only Cubana.

    3.) You can't purchase a Tourist Card upon landing in Cuba, you must have the Tourist Card in hand before you board the aircraft. The Tourist Card is easily available for purchase at the airport before you depart for Cuba. Everyone else on your flight will be buying it too, no big deal. It's about $20 USD.

    Have fun.

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