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Can I stay in Hungary past 90 days while my immigration papers are being processed?


I'm a US citizen. I have three weeks left in Hungary on my passport before my 90 days are up. I am working here and my employer is helping me apply for residency and a work visa, but the process has been so long and difficult - I had to have a bunch of paperwork sent from the U.S. and get it translated, and it's just been a nightmare. We should be able to submit everything required for the application this week, but the Immigration office takes 30 days to process it.

My question is, once the application is submitted, and is being processed, can I stay beyond 90 days? I've been reading on here that if I leave the Schengen area I will have to wait 90 days to return, and that won't be possible; my employer won't be able to wait 3 months for me to come back and would have to hire someone to replace me.

We had no idea when I arrived this would be so difficult. If anyone knows if I can stay while my application is in process, please let me know. Any advice is appreciated!


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    Of course you can stay in Hungary while your visa is being processed, you have to hand your passport in , so how can you travel without it? You should also be issued with a receipt from the immigration department that shows your work permit/residence is being processed
  • Thanks, that's a relief to hear! But I don't have to hand in my passport - I still have it. They took a photocopy of it, along with my birth certificate, application, work contract, diploma, declaration, tax info, 18,000ft, fingerprints, photo, affidavit from landlord, letter of hire, promise to hand over my first-born child . . . ;-)

    TBH I don't know if I'm applying for the residence permit at this point, a work visa, or what. It's so confusing, and it seems like you can't get one document without the other and it's just a big Catch-22. I just know I spend a lot of time in the Immigration Office and every time I go they tell me I have to come back with some new paper or another!

    Thank you for your response.
  • What a mess. Good luck!

  • Normally in EU countries the work permit and residence permit are one and the same you are issued with and ID card type. Were you given a reciept to say you have applied for the work permit? It should take about 30days for the work permit to come through once they have all the relevant documents.
    If you have been to the Hungarian information department did you not ask about staying while your visa was issued. Under EU law they are supposed to allow you to stay while the work permit is processed as you applied while you still had a valid visa.
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