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Schengen visa issue


I'm an Indonesian but live in Australia. I need advise about Schengen visa for tourism, I will travel for 3 and half weeks around Europe but mostly will stay in France. I am a casual retail worker and at the moment I only work 2 days a week. I'm a bit concern that this will become an issue when I provide my payslips as i get paid standard minimum wage which is no alot. What is the minimum fund should I have in the bank?I have several bank accounts with varying amount of money. I was wondering if I should show them my transaction account where there's a lot of activity going in and out of the account or the account with most money but no activity in it.

I also read in this site that when I reserve an airline ticket it needs to be with some travel agents, not from online website. Is that true? Will it be fine eventhough it gets cancelled after 2-3 days?


  • A travel agent will provide you with a proper itinerary which is acceptable to the Svhengen caseworker.
    You need to show you have sufficient funds to pay a return airticket and to maintain and accomodate you for the duration of your stay in Europe, without depleting all your savings. Sending lots of bank statements is not a good idea. You should submit the bank account that your salary goes into and a savings account The most important part of your application are your ties to Australia such as employment, studies, family owning a home or land.
  • I will transfer more money into the transaction account then, so I just need to show statements from one bank account. I'm sure I will have further questions once I try to apply the visa. At the moment, I'm still trying to finalised the tours and hotel. Thank you very much for your help.
  • Hello again,

    I have a few more questions to ask:

    1. I am a bit confused with the accommodation requirement stated for applying schengen visa:
    " if staying in a hotel : confirmed hotel booking issued by travel agent or hotel ( confirmation by email is not accepted)..."
    I will travel for 3 and half weeks, and during that time I have about 15-20 days travel using a tour guide and then some free travel time. Some part they will provide accommondation and the rest I have to book the hotel myself. Obviously when I booked the hotel, I received a confirmation by email from the Hotels . Will this be an issue? I don't understand the statement above saying confirmation by email is not accepted. How else they are going to confirm it.

    2. A lot of the rejection from the embassy that I read is about insufficient proof that you have a connection to your family, or you own a land or home. I live by myself in Australia so I have no connection to family.
    I am employed by a company who own lots of stores, so I moved around a bit. The latest store is less than two years, but in total it's been 9 years with the company. Should I mentioned the 9 years beside the latest 2 years experience in the reference letter?
    I live in rented property. I have a property investment but still under mortgage. Do you consider this as owning a home? If so what kind of documents I should give the embassy?

    3. I paid the airline tickets using my credit card, and for it I will get free travel insurance. I checked with the insurance company that the credit card company use, and they say that the travel insurance is comprehensive and include repatriation, and will cover medical expenses etc. they gave me a one page cover letter for it with some general policy number and a 30 pages booklet in pdf stating all the details of what I am covered with. Will that be good enough for the embassy or should I buy a new insurance? Should I give them a few pages of the main points from the booklet ? I doubt the people in embassy interested to read the whole booklet :)
  • You are confused aren't you.
    The Schengen visa requirement specifically states that accomodation confirmation by e mail is not acceptable and yet you have confirmation from the hotel by email and you ask if this will be an issue.Of course its an issue your visa could be refused. It needs to be in writing on the hotel letterhead or in writing from travel agent.

    As for your question regarding employment your employers letter must state the total number of years you have worked for the company. Why you would think you only need to show two years is baffling.

    Owning an investment property with or without a mortgage demonstrates a link to your home country.

    Of course you do not have to show a 30 page insurance booklet. Most policies have a Policy Schedule which is only a couple of pages that is what you need to print off.
  • Hi Guys
    I got the schengen visa before and i would like to apply again for the schengen visa in the consulate of France or Germany, it depends on my first destination i know.
    I want to do two separate visits,I mean first visit in the period between 15/5/2015 to 30/5/2015 and the second visit will be 20/7/2015 to 08/08/2015.
    Do i need to apply at every visit or can i apply for the two visits at the same application ?
    I am a Egyptian Ph.D student in UK and my UK visa will expire in 7/2016
    There is no problem when I get the visa and i did not travel to the schengen area?

    Many thanks
  • You will need to apply each time for the Schengen visa as there is a two month period between the visits.
    There is no problem if you do not travel once the visa is issued.
  • Many thanks for you
  • Thank you for the clarification Alethia. I will fix the reference letter and the hotel bookings. I have an appointment on 7th May. Wish me luck.
  • Hi again,

    My cousin seems to be in trouble now, she is going to the same trip with me but she reside in different state in Australia. She tried to book an appointment at the greek embassy as French consulate gave authority for processing visa to greece embassy and the earliest appointment available is in August, while we are going away mid July. French consulate in her state can not process visa at all.

    Is there a way she can apply at different consulate? We are going away to several Schengen countries, first entry and main trip (8 days) is France, and the other main trips are Spain (5days) and Italy (4 days). She tried to apply visa at Italy embassy by mistake today and got rejected, and was told to go to France embassy. She called France embassy and was told to contact greece embasy, and that's when she found out that greece embassy was fully book for over 3 months.

    Any hope for her to be able to get her visa in the end?
  • You cannot book a holiday until your visa is granted this was your first mistake.
    Your cousin does not have to apply in the state where she lives she can apply to any consulate in Australia.

    She was refused by the Italian embassy because you are supposed to apply for the country where the stay is the longest. that refusal may go against her.
  • Ok, thank you for the reply Alethia. I will let my cousin know, I didn't realise you can apply at any greece embassy in Australia not just in her state.
  • Hi Alethia,

    Just want to let you know my cousin and I have received the Schengen visa a week ago. I got my visa after 3 weeks of waiting while my cousin got it after just one week. Just want to let you know that we tried your recommendation, and contacted Greece embassy in Perth and Adelaide. Their reply was that they can only process application for the resident on that state. My cousin even contacted the French embassy in my home country with the same answer.Frustated and desperate, my cousin tried one last effort and went to visit Greece embassy and within 5 minutes after talking with the receptionist, she got the visa appointment for 2 weeks after.

    Thanks for your help.
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