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Visiting Lille, France for the 1st time - Any suggestions?

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I am South African and travelling for weekend to Lille, France for the first time.

Any recommended restaurants that are in the city?

Any interesting websites to look at before the travel in August?


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    Check out the Word Travels guide to Lille. It's not very detailed, but does provide a decent overview.

    It's a fun place to visit - enjoy!
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    Thanks for the link, I am sure I will have fun! Best regards, Sharon
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    Hi, I''m an English guy also travelling to Lille in August. Does anyone know of some good chambre d'hotes rather than hotels?
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    Carlton Hotel right in the centre is popular. Check out Eurostar bookings - cheaper.
    There are so many restaurants around. Steak house right adjacent to the hotel. This is a shopping capital. Very warm weather around 26dg. Euroville which is one big shopping centre, not very interesting. Sundays there is a fresh market just down the road in the old Lille town. Please note that this is in the North of France and everyone that I spoke to except the hotel cannot speak a word of English, very frustrating so I wont be going there again.

    Good luck
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    My full name is imran samuel ajiz,me catholic christian.I want to visit lourdes how i get visa??, first hotel booking? get Preish presit letter or what? and in which emmbassy i apply in pakistan its France.
    My email is [email protected]
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    Hi - I'm a South African and want to visit Paris for 4 days in Aug 2010, I assume I need a visa, where do I apply and the costs involved?
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    Alison - you need a Schengen visa. Go the any European embassy in SA and get that ball rolling...
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    The best seafood restaurant in Lille is A l'Huitri
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    Lille is the 5th biggest city in France. Plenty of shops. Right on the border with Belgium, it gives you the chance to see 2 countries in one visit. Use the trains to go to Ypres - famous from the 2nd World War and/or the stunningly lovely Brugge (also known as Bruges). If you want to know more, email me [email protected]
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    Does anyone know if there's a 'What's On' magazine or website for Lille, showing concerts, clubbing, theatre etc?
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    My full name is Esther Zhang, from China.I want to visit France, how could I get visa?first hotel booking? and how many documents should I prepare before the travel? And in which embassy could I apply in China?
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