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Cyprus student overstayed-need advice to relieve from overstay remark

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I had stayed in Cyprus 12 years back as a student and stayed legally for 1.5 year and then overstayed 5 months with the intention of renew my student permit. But due to financial problem, I was unable to renew and left the Cyprus and went to home country. I should have left Cyprus within 90 days after my student permit expired, but I overstayed 60 days after the actual expiry date. I did not did any criminal convictions in Cyprus, the only concern is overstay. I had also paid some college fees after student permit expiry with the intention of renew of my student permit. But could not paid full fees and was not able to renew so I had left Cyprus.
Now I want to get relieve from my overstay remark. Please suggest what are the options.
It is been 10 years passed now after I left Cyprus. Is there any law in Cyprus if 10 years has passed since I left, than by law overstay remark can be removed.
or if there is no such law, can I pay the fine/penalty and get relived from overstay remark, what can be the fines for such overstay.
or any other suggested option available to relieve from my overstay remark.
Please suggest,


  • So199 did you have any fingerprints taken at any time when you applied for a Cypriot
    visa ?
  • Thanks for the message. No, there was no fingerprint procedure 12 years back. I had applied for student permit and stayed as student. thanks,
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    Normally for overstaying in Cyprus there would have been a maximum 5 year ban and that is long gone. You were not fined or banned when you left and there is no record of your fingerprints also by now you have a new passport there should be no problem.
    I am working n the assumption that you mean Southern Cyprus and not the Turkish north Cyprus.
  • Thanks for the message, Yes I had stayed in southern Cyprus(Greek area). I had new passport now. Now the issue is when I am applying for visa for another country they are asking to provide police certificate from Cyprus. I am planning to apply for police certificate for Cyprus, but due to overstay, do they issue or not. So I thought to get relived from overstay issue and apply for it and or also can I legally proceed with the lawyer to get relieved from overstay since it has passed 10 years now.
  • There is no such thing as "relieving an overstay issue" I already told you that Cyprus has a 5 year ban period and if you had been banned it would be long finished. You were not stopped at the airport when you left so there may not even be a record of your overstaying. You won't know any of these things until you apply for a Cypriot police certificate and as you have committed no criminal offence the police check should come up clear.
  • Thank you for the message. Any idea how to get the police certificate or do lawyers in Cyprus can file for police certificate on behalf of me. thanks,
  • Look here, this site explains how to obtain the Clear Criminal Record report.
  • Thanks for message and details. As per the website details, If I apply myself I think it will take lot of time. I am in bit urgent, can lawyers apply on behalf of me to get it soon, any idea on this. thanks,
  • What is your obsession with lawyers? You are supposed to apply yourself. Hey, do what you like.
  • ok thanks, I will apply myself. thanks.
  • I was in Cyprus at 2005 for the student visa. As u know the Cyprus there students are not allowed to work so due to tat reason I don't have money to pay to collage. I wish to go back my home country but the suitaion was bad due to political condition in Nepal. After that I took asylum in 2007 . In 2009 the immigration catch me n deport me .
    Now my wife fill me an immigrant form for USA n I need the police clearance certificate from there. I am worried is tat a crime or not ?
  • Unlawful entry or stay constitutes a criminal offence under the Cypriot immigration law.
  • Lawful entry
  • Is there any chance of rejection of visa due to tat?
  • Plz reply m too much worried
  • Kala you may entered Cyprus lawfully but you overstayed your visa and were deported, this is considered to be a criminal offence. As you do not reside in Cyprus why do you need a police report from a country you left in 2009?
  • I m applying for immigrant visa of USA and there I have to write the place where I stay and the main problem was I had applied for USA student visa from Cyprus.
  • You are applying to join your wife not to be a student, you need a police report from your home country where you live NOW not where you lived in 2009.
    On the application form to the USA you may be asked if you have ever been refused entry or deported, that is where you admitted your past.
  • Hi Alethia
    I need your advice regarding my overstay in Cyprus as a student.
    I left Cyprus in 2012 February. Now i am in Australia and applying for permanent residency.
    I applied for police clearance certificate but i got the letter that they cant issue becsuse i stayed illigally in Cyprus.
    I was just wondering if there is any options to recover from that?
    As i am going to apply for permanent residency i need the clean police clearance certificate..what should i do for that?
    I would be grateful if u advice me.
    Thanking you
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    There is a very old saying "be sure your sins will find you out" Overstaying in Cyprus was a breach of the law and is a criminal offence. Without the police certificate from Cyprus you will have difficulty in obtaining an Australian visa.
  • Thanks for the response Alethai,
    Do you think is there any thing i can do to recover my mistake and get the clean certificate? Its about life..i need to move on and i think there must be some solution to it
  • Actually i had to complete my studies and i stayed longer than allow to obtain my school was just few months i overstayed.
  • Please advice me what should i do to overcome with that?
  • @vizuluv
    There is no excuse for overstaying you could easily have applied for an extension in Cyprus.
    People do not seem to understand that overstaying in any country once their visa is finished is a criminal offence.
    I am sorry there is no advice I can offer.
  • Hi Alethia, i need to ask you about my overstay in Cyprus. I was a student in Cyprus and because of financial problems I didn't continue my study . I went there in 2009 . And 2 year I overstay in Cyprus. And I also have a fingerprint on arrival in 2009. And 2013 I came back in my country. Not catch the immigration. I came back with my own ticket. I mean they didn't deport me. Now almost 4 years pass. I like to go again in cyprus as a work permit visa. So can I get visa or still I have banned? Thanks
  • I'll take a wild guess and wager that no one can answer that definitively.

    Your best (only?) move might be to simply apply for the Work Visa and see what happens. If you have legal issues then I expect the Work Visa process would red flag you.

    Good luck.

  • @shoaib
    Terry is right only the Cyprus immigration authorities can answer your question.
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