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my short stay visa overtuned.

Please help .

My visa refused in 02.02.2015 . I appeal on 18.02.2015 . And 27.03.2015 overtuned .

Now they told me to wait up to 3 weeks from today .

So when the embassy call me and i send passport how long it will take to passport return with visa ..... thanks


  • How can you expect anyone to comment when you give zero information? No clue whatsoever of your nationality, what country you're referring to, what kind of Visa you're asking about, etc...

  • Thanks For you feedback cheers .

    Am Djiboutian citizen . i applied Family Visit visa to sweden in The Netherlands Embassy Muscat Oman . As Represented by Sweden Embassy In Saudi Arabia .

    My Visa Was Refused and i appeal it . yesterday my case officer Send me mail for informing me the decision that my visa overturned . and he asked to wait up to 3 weeks for embassy process .

    So After Embassy asked me to send passport how long it will take to return passport .?
  • You answered your own question , the embassy told you they will take 3 weeks to process the visa so you should have your passport returned in a approximately 3 weeks. Simple.
    You are very lucky they considered your appeal many embassy do not take appeals seriously.
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