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Passport application while travelling on different passport

Hi all,

My wife and I just got married and we wondering if she can apply for her new passport (with her name changed) while we travelling Europe (using her current passport )on our honeymoon. We come from South Africa, where it sometimes takes a while for a new passport to be created, so we want to apply for it and leave for our trip, and hopefully we can collect it when we get back.

Our only concern, is that if the passport is created while we're travelling, it will cause problems for us travelling on visa's (in her current passport) in Europe!

Does anyone have any advice or experience on this matter?

Best regards,



  • As name changes do take a bit of time, your wife shouldn't have a problem honeymooning on her 'old' passport. Did you book the flights in her old or new name? If in the old you should encounter no issues. So long as ticket and passport match nobody will question it. If the tickets are in her new name then you had better make sure you take the wedding certificate along. I still haven't replaced my passport after getting married because I have active visas in my current passport - no problems so far!
  • Just re-looking at your question... Why apply for a new passport while travelling? Just travel on the current one and replace it when you get back. Otherwise things get complicated. Most people don't have time straight after the wedding to change passports etc before the honeymoon - it is totally normal to travel with your maiden name on honeymoon.
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    How will any one in Europe know you have a pplied for a new passport in South Africa.? Ella is correct as long as your wife's ticket, visa and passport are all in the same name she will not have any problem.

    By the way I never understand this great rush to change your name after marriage, I have never changed my name in all these years and still use my own surname from before marriage and have never encountered any problems when I travel.There is no law in South Africa that says your wife must change her surname to yours.
  • You're absolutely right Alethia, it is not necessary to change your name at all - some people just choose to do so.
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