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Tourism in Armenia

Hi the forum. I am wondering if anybody here has been to Armenia? It sounds like the most amazing tourist destination to me, but I don't know anybody that has travelled there and it seems difficult to get to? Is it best to fly to a neighbouring country and cross the border into Armenia? Is it a safe travel destination? I'm interested in all the ancient Christian churches and monuments etc, but struggling to find reliable info on the logistical aspects of travel to Armenia. Any and all advice on the country welcome!


  • There are direct flights to Yerevan the capital of Armenia from European countries , Austria for example.
    Here is reliable travel advice from the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

    and lonely planet
  • Thanks Alethia!
  • Hi sallyG! You can check , if you want a safe and comfortable travel to Armenia;) Everything is easier than you think;)) You may also write to my mail in case you have questions: [email protected]
    Good luck and always welcome to Armenia!!!
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    Yes dear Sally, we do were In this summer. It is very safe country for travelling, it is not difficult to get there. Just one advice you can combine it with Georgia which is just 300 km far from Armenia. The best way of moving is to rent a car also other people say. We booked a car from Yerevan Airport and travelled in Armenia reached to Georgia and dropped off the car there.
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    Hello Sally ,yes the country really is very safely, also it will be more cheaper if you stay in a flat not in a hotel, it is much comfortable.
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