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Marriage docs needed

Hello can someone help me? I am an American planning to marry a Tunisian man in May. I know the docs needed but I have some questions on the birth certificate in particular. I heard it has to be no older than 21 days before mariage is this correct?


  • hello I have looked on this site, and the problem I have is that it mentions the birth certificate but I have been told it has to be 21 days within the marriage. Is that true?
  • Why do you keep posting the same question more than once. I have answered your question on your other post.
  • Look I asked a question and if you do not understand it then thats your problem not mine. You dont need to be rude.
  • Calm down Peggy. You started two separate Original Posts about the very topic on the very same branch of the forum. It's perfectly reasonable for someone to be frustrated with answering the same questions in two separate places. Get over yourself.

    Good luck with your Tunisian guy. With your attitude that's going to work out splendidly for you.

  • No one was rude to you or the other idiot who obviously does not know the meaning of polite. Both of you can to to another place if you get my drift. I simply asked a couple of questions and this is not the place to get help. I was always taught to respect others unless they direspected me. With that in mind I think you need not respond any further to my questions. I am new to this forum and sorry I am not perfect like you and the other idiot. You dont know me so dont judge me.
  • Actually Peggy you're making yourself perfectly easy to judge. You're posting like a spoiled little baby, lashing out at anyone and everyone. I can almost hear you stomping your feet and spitting at the computer monitor.

    Grow up and learn some manners.

    All the best to you.

  • Peggy, I know we haven't given you the answers that you want but we have given you correct information.
  • Thanks Lesley you are kind.
  • I think you are the most rude person i ever had run across in a very long time. Its people like you who make wars very easy. So go to hell.
  • Comment meant for Cheers
  • edited April 2015
    Peggy you went off at the deep end for no reason, I simply asked Why do you keep posting the same question more than once
    For this you lost your cool calling me an idiot and saying that I was rude and did not know how to be polite. You are now attacking CheersT.

    You have been given the correct information in answer to your questions, yet you continue to be bad tempered. This is a very helpful forum and its very unusual for someone to be so angry especially on a first visit and to call the experts names.

    If you need help again we will gladly offer it, but please do not be so quick to take offence.
  • Thank you dear for all your help. I am sorry if you think I was taking offence. I just didnt understand how this forum worked, therefore 2 postings went up. I dont attack people unless i feel they are attacking me. No one should judge anyone because we all have different lives. I apologize to you for calling you an idiot. I think the lack of communication was what caused all of this. Not knowing what I needed to do here and the laws of Tunisia is all overwhelming for me. Its not your fault. Plus I am on limited time to get all that needs done accomplished. I am truly am sorry for this misunderstanding.
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