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Required Documents for Marriage in Tunisia

I am an American preparing to marry a Tunisian in May. Can someone please help me explaining what the process and docs needed are to marry. Thanks.


  • As you are a US citizen everything you need to know regarding your marriage to a Tunisian can be found here
  • It does not state that the birth certificate must be no older than 21 days before the marriage. This is what I am trying to confirm or deny. This website doesnt say that, but thats what the person who does the marriage contract is telling my fiance. I am just trying to find out fact from fiction. This is what I desperately need help with.
  • You should have asked that in your first post, it is absolutely correct that your birth certificate should be issued no more than 21 days prior to your marriage.
  • well my birth certificate in the usa was issued when I renewed my passport. I do not have another and to order one again is going to take at least 45 days. So I dont see how that is even a reasonable request. and I said in my first post I had questions concerning the birth certificate had you read it correctly.
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    This was your first post, no mention of a birth certificate .........I am an American preparing to marry a Tunisian in May. Can someone please help me explaining what the process and docs needed are to marry. Thanks.

    I don't make the Tunisian marriage laws, if you want to marry in Tunisia you will require a birth certificate issued no more than 21 days before your marriage. So now stamp your feet and have another hissy fit.
  • Peggy - Alethia is absolutely correct!! You must arrange a new ORIGINAL birth certificate which is dated no more than 21 days before you sign the contract of marriage. It must then be translated and certified. I am sure you can organise to have this done quickly if you ask nicely!
  • In the USA we get one birth certificate for all reasons including passports. And I have to order it from another state not the one I live in now. That will take about 45 days to reach me. Do you know if they go by the date it is issued?
  • I appreciate your help Lesley, as for you Alethia I would appreciate you refraining from anymore comments on my questions. You are rude. I have no time for rude people here
  • Me rude ! I have given you correct information only for you to call me an idiot.
    Do you think you are the first American to marry a Tunisian? Of course the Tunisian marriage office check the date the birth certificate is issued, that is how they know the birth certificate was issued 21 days prior to the marriage.
  • Hi All
    Alethia, thanks for your kind words to my previous questions. It is no use speaking to the Embassy as you said. We went to the town hall and they asked for the same documents you stated as well as 4 passport size photos. Thank you once again
  • Your welcome Cheri, best wishes for the future,
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