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Visa Related Help

Hi Friends,

I am a 28 year old guy from Sri Lanka. I have applied for schengen visa to France on 2012 May (Right after the completion of my Bachelors Degree) tourist visa to visit my uncle in France. Even though I provided all the required documents my visa was rejected (Stamped passport) saying The intention to leave schengen territory before expiration of visa has not been proved. This can mainly because I did not have a job and it was just after my degree. My uncle advised me to apply again with his letter to visa officer within a month. So I applied again in 2012 June but got rejected again (Silly me!)
Now I am going to apply again saying I am sponsoring for everything and my uncle is only going to provide lodging. This time I am going to apply with my parents. Now I am working as a Senior Engineer in a reputable company with a high grade salary and I have more than enough money in my account to finance for three people. My father is also working as a Deputy Manager at a bank and my mother has retired. My father owns two houses and a vehicle. I am also currently following an MBA and I got the letter from university saying they approve leave. Also I am going to get married on July 2015, so I am going to attach copies of my wedding related bills as proof. My brother is not going on this trip because he is still studying in the university for his Bachelors. I am going to provide all the required documents alongside with the docs I have mentioned above with my uncle's salary and bank details even though he is not sponsoring. Do you think me and my family have a chance of getting visa this time? I am worried of my previous refusals. Also please note that I have traveled previously to Thailand and Singapore for personal visits and to South Africa for business purpose. But my parents have not traveled outside the country before.

Please help me :)


  • Also please note that I am going to apply for short stay visa (15 days)
  • I have no clue what your chances are, but unlike many on this forum you are well researched and well prepared so I wish you good luck.

    All the best to you.

  • You probably do stand more of a chance this time. The basis of a Schengen application is to show strong ties to your home country, which is why you were refused the first two times you applied.
  • Hi Alethia, I applied for a Schengen Visa (French Embassy - Philippines) last October 26 and got refused for the same reason as sahan86. My trip to France, Belgium and Spain is mainly for the purpose of tourism. The trip will be all-expensed paid by my Aunt who resides in Kuwait and will be coming along with me. I presented a letter from my employer stating my leave approval. I also presented my marriage contract as a proof that I am married. I also submitted an affidavit from my aunt stating that she will be supporting my foreign travel. What others documents do I need to include if I will reapply rather than appealing?
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    Showing a marriage certificate on its own is worthless. Did you provide your childrens birth certificates?
    Did you supply your aunts bank statements? Do you care for your parents or an elderly relative etc, do you have a bank account?

    You can't just fill in an application and send an affidavit, an employers letter and your marrige certificate and think they will give you a visa. The Phillipines is notorious for its citizens leaving and working abroad I believe that without really strong evidence of your ties to the Phillipines you will never be granted a visa.
  • I provided every requirements, I also showed them bank certification with 3 months worth statement. Do you suggest that I also show them my aunt's bank statement?..I didn't see in the requirements that I have to submit my child's birth long should I wait before I reapply?
  • People think all the have to do when the apply for a Schengen visa is to fill in the form and say someone ekse is paying and they will get a visa.
    You need to show strong ties to the Phillipines , such as marriage, children, a home, land you own, caring for elderly parents.
    You most definitely ed to show your aunts orginal bank statements as shis the one footing thge bill.
    You can reaaply anytime just make sure yiu have the right documents.
  • Really...I can apply anytime? But they would know that I applied and got refused since they put a stamp on my passport... I applied oct26 and got the refusal oct28 only. I have marriage certificate and birth certificate of my child, I only submitted the marriage certificate. I will tell my aunt to send in her bank really is a big help Alethia! Thank you so much! Do I need to authenticate the letter coming from my employer stating my approved leave? I don't own a land, we live in my aunt's house here in the philippines since she's based in kuwait
  • Good idea to authenticate your employers letter. If you have been in that job a long time your boss could mention also that you are a long term employee. Your aunt must also provide you with a letter to say she is supporting you financially for this trip and that you and your family live and take care of her house in the Phillipines.
    Do you have any utility bills to confirm you live in that house If so put those bills also and proof your aunt owns the house. that is your tie to your country.

    Yes you can apply any time. good luck, let us know how you get on.
  • I have been in the company I worked for now for a year. Could that be a problem? What about government institution loans that Are being deducted from my payslip, could that be made as a tie to my country as well. The letter that my aunt will make stating that we reside on her house does that need to be authenticated? She sent me an affidavit of support to foreign travel which is authenticated by the philippine embassy in kuwait but she didnt state there that we are living in her house...should we revise that one?
  • Revise your aunts affidavit to include the fact you reside in here home and act as caretakers of here property. Have it authenticated at the Phillipines Embassy along with her bank statements.
    Your length of employment is not a problem. Can you tell me what the loans are for and aree they taken from your salary?
  • The loans are from social security institution and home development mutual fund membership. The contributions are taken from my salary as well as the payment from salary loan and multi-purpose loan.
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    I would not mention the loans in the visa application.
  • Thank you...good to know. Should I also provide a copy of the condo unit title(proof of ownership)? The unit is being co-owned by my aunts husband who is also based in kuwait. I will try to set an appt at the embassy. Should I mention that my first application was refused when I call the contact center?
  • Send a copy of of the title deed. There is no need to mention you were previously refused.
  • thanks so much alethia! If in case I have any more questions I will send in a comment here
  • Is there going to be a problem if they see the stamp on my passport that they refused my application last 26oct2015?
  • The embassy processing your visa, cannot prevent you or allow tHe fact you were refused before to prejudice your new appliction. You have every right in law to reapply. I am assuming your aunt has been granted her visa, so you must put a copy of the visa and her passport bio page with your application.
  • Yes, her visa and her daughters visa were granted because they have previous schengen visa. Is it ok if her property title is co-owned by her husband and shows her married last name on the document?
  • Is it ok if I present a letter of consent from my husband stating he is allowing me to travel and he will attest that I will come back to celebrate new year with my family and to continue with my work here in the philippines?
  • @coletski you can provide a letter from your husband, mention also your child in his letter.


    To whom it may concern:

    I , the undersigned named do hereby send you this letter as notification that I am allowing my wife_________________[name of your wife] to travel abroad for ________________[how long].This is for__________________[purpose].

    Initially, the travel plan includes our son, however the school didn't permit him to be absent for a long time. My wife will be travelling together with her aunt and cousin who are based in Kuwait. She is scheduled to depart from _________ on ________ and will return on ________. Her return is just in time for the celebration of New Year's eve together with the whole family here in the Philippines. It is a yearly tradition of our family to celebrate this holiday together that is why she wouldn't want to miss it. She will resume to work right after the holidays (January 3) because her role in the office is very vital to their client.

    You can always contact me for any questions regarding this consent letter.

    Thank you very much for considering this letter.

    Respectfully yours,

    ***@Alethia, would this suffice?

  • @coletski, you do not need your husbands consent to go anywhere he is your husband not your owner.
    I have changed the letter accordingly.


    To whom it may concern:

    I , the undersigned named do hereby send you this letter as notification that my wife_________________[name of your wife] intends to travel abroad for ________________[how long].This is for__________________[purpose].

    My wife will be travelling together with her aunt and cousin who are based in Kuwait. She is scheduled to depart from _________ on ________ and will return on ________. Her return is just in time for the celebration of New Year's eve together with the whole family here in the Philippines.

    We are the parents of one son aged --- who will remain at home with me while my wife is abroad.

    Upon her return to the Phillipines my wife will resume her work on January 3 2016 because her role in the as a GIVE JOB TITLE is very vital to the companies client. My wife's salary provided by her work here in the Phillipines is neccesary to our families income.

    She will not stay illegally in another country without work, her home and life are here with me and our son

    You can always contact me for any questions regarding this letter.

    Thank you very much for considering this letter.

    Respectfully yours,
  • Thank you very much Aletha! My Aunt doesn't have time to update the affidavit of support she made previously so I will use that instead. I just asked her to send me her bank certification/statement as well as her company ID as supporting document for the affidavit.
  • Bt the most imposrtant part is you live in your aunts house,you also need a copy of her Schengen visa.
  • I already have a copy of her visa. For the application form, do i choose single entry or multiple entry? We will visit france, belgium, spain, my aunt may also add a day trip to cologne, germany.
  • You can only apply for a single entry for your first visa . A multiple entry visa is when you leave the Schengen zone and re-enter. The single entry visa allows you to travel throughout the Schengen zone it is not limited to just one country.
    As for adding a Cologne as a day trip, I do not think your aunt understands the distance between the countries, Cologne is 2.5 hours by air from Paris and 2.5 hours by train from Brussels, quite a long way for a day trip.
  • Thank you very much for the information. Can my Aunt send the copy of her bank statement by fax or di I have to have the original copy she got from her bank in kuwait?
  • You should always supply original documents, when applying for a visa.
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