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Visa Overstay Help

Due to personal and financial reasons I have had to stay in Singapore for an extra 4 months past my visa.

What if any penalties are there for overstaying visa? I imagine there might be a fine, but what would the fine likely be? I didn't intend to overstay so long but I got bogged down with issues that needed dealt with and also I was somewhat careless with this.

What should I do? Is this a big deal - or okay? If there is a fine, how much would I need to pay?


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    As usual with almost Visa questions on this forum you fail to mention the two most important pieces of information: What is your nationality & what kind of Visa did you have?

    That said, Singapore doesn't look kindly upon overstays - especially when an extension is usually super simple and can be done right online, you don't even need to go an office! - so to be honest you could be in real trouble, especially since your overstay is more than 3 months. This could be quite serious.

    Get all your documentation together including any possible justification that could help explain why you were so incredibly stupid/lazy, then get a lawyer on retainer and go to the ICA office in person. Have your affairs in order because you will be very likely be arrested on the spot.

    Good luck.

  • And if you think I'm exaggerating simply Google, "overstay Singapore visa."

    This was a really dumb move on your part. Good luck.

  • Unfortunately, Singapore is infamously harsh with visa overstays, and from what I can see the penalties increase after three months overstay. You will need to surrender yourself in person at the ICA office, as Terry says, and I agree that the lawyer is a good idea. The minimum fine for an overstay as far as I can see is $30 - but that is likely for a single day! Overstay of more than 90 days is punishable by a jail term.
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