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safety in Oman

I want to travel in Oman this summer. Since I am a solo female traveler, is it safe to go alone? I plan to go to Muscat and then return back to Dubai, where I will be staying.
Do I need visa? Can I get on the board? How to get to Muscat from Abu Dabbi?


  • As with almost all Visa questions on this forum you forget the single most important piece of information: What is your nationality?

  • marina - you can feel safe in Oman as a solo female, but you may get unwanted attention!! Please use common sense and wear very modest clothing - don't smoke in the street those sorts of things. Also Ramadan is in end of June this year so if you want to avoid being stuck in a hotel room from sunup to sundown try to avoid that time
  • I agree totally with Lesley regarding the safety in Oman, but you have still not said what your nationality is so that we may give advice on the visa.
    The best way and possibly the only safe way to travel bewteen Abu Dhabi and Oman is to fly.
  • sorry, I am Bulgarian national.
    Regarding to the modest clothing-I have figured that- but how modest are we talking about? Simple dress is ok, right? Since, I have very white, light skin, I easily burn for the sun, so i plan to wear a black dress that covers my whole body, even my hands. Can that be interpreted at any other way, or get some unintended attention?
    I know that during the holy month of Ramadan is legally forbidden to eat and drink on the streets-but why stay in a hotel/ Is it that much hot weather?
    Sorry for asking so much, it's my first time in the Middle East!
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    You get a visa on arrival in Oman as a Bulgarian and wearing an abba like the local women could be good idea
  • thank you Alethia!!!
  • Agree with Alethia, good idea to cover totally. Yes Oman is very, very hot in the summer.........temperatures will often exceed 50c. In this heat it is impossible to be outside.
  • Marina77, I am very fair and in hot hountries I often wear salwar kameez type outfits as worn in India and Pakistan or wide leg crepe trousers with chiffon long sleeve shirts and always a large hat, as I find the black abya very restrictive.
  • since I can't buy one back here, can I create similar one? making it by myself, wouldn't look quite the same. what other way of behavior I should avoid?
  • sorry for bothering you so much!
  • Just be yourself
  • thanks, Alethia
  • does anyone have an idea what's the price of the visa required for entrance in Oman?
  • bulgarian national, i keep forgetting that detail :smile:
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