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Family Vacation in Mexico


I want to visit Mexico with my wife and kids sometime this year. As I am travelling with young ones, I am concerned with safety in Mexico and especially Mexico City, as I have heard the crime can be dangerous here and I am worried about travelling around with kids. With regard to this, is it safe to travel around Mexico City, or what are more family friendly options in in Mexico? I don't want to be in places like Cabo or Cancun where there are drunk students running around either, as this is not ideal for the kids.

Please could someone advise some family friendly resorts in Mexico. We want to see a bit of the country and not just be stuck in a hotel or resort either. What is best way to get around safely in Mexico, with this in mind? And please could someone advise some family friendly activities in Mexico or more specifically Baja California and Mexico City.




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    Hi Greg,

    Let's answer some of your questions:

    Is Mexico City safe for a family holiday? / Is Mexico City family/ child friendly?

    I think the short answer to this is yes! This said, there is crime in Mexico City, but like any large city (and Mexico City is very large), travellers should have their wits about them. In this regard, don't flash valuables and don't walk around by yourself late at night (especially in remote areas). Mexico is generally a very friendly place and, even for families with children, Mexico City can be a great travel destination, full of history, culture and local flavour. To find out more about what you can do around Mexico City, check out his fantastic guide.

    Advice on family friendly resorts in Mexico/ Baja California:

    There are plenty of family friendly resorts in Mexico (without drunk teenagers ruining your vacation). For more laid back resorts in Mexico, check out Playa Del Carmen in the Yucatan Peninsula which boast beautiful beaches and despite its popularity has a small town feel. Alternatively, check out La Paz on the Baja Peninsula, which is known for its incredible sunsets and is a great place from which to explore the surrounding region.

    Hope this helps,

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